Set to travel

At least physically.

Mentally….not so sure.

My mood took a crazy turn over the weekend. I am guessing it’s a combination of stress and hormones. I am back in crazy hot flash zone and that just makes me feel physically ill and tired.

I can’t seem to get excited for this trip. I keep telling myself it’ll hit later, but I am just waiting. Already I am delayed 1 hour, 1 leg had to be rescheduled and with it a seat at the very back of the plane for a 4-hour flight. I was almost rerouted so I wouldn’t meet my mother and sister in Totonto, but that got fixed, at least so far.

I did get my paper finished after swimming my way through a crazy weekend of being on-call with a doggy brain. Already I fell stressed for the next assignment that us due the day after I return and a group project. I am trying to keep that in check as I can’t even start it till the weekend when the rest of the class catches up.

I do plan to try to relax. It’s a busy trip and, of course Blackpool is on!

I am just waiting to get into relax mode.


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