Competitive Instructor wanted

No, unfortunately it is not a joke.

I haven’t posted much lately because I have been trying to work through a difficult situation, that is outside my control.

About a week ago, for a number of reasons personal to him, Boss told me he is no longer able to support my competitive goals.

We can still work together and I can still do lessons, but he does not know when or if he will be able to compete again, but it definitely won’t be for quite a long time.

So I am stuck. I have a fabulous instructor I work and progress well with, but with whom I can’t compete.

So what can I do?

My biggest motivation for dance is competing. It gives me something to work for. The routines I learn, I learn so I can compete. I focus on technique so my dancing can be stronger on the floor. I am so goal oriented, I don’t know how to adjust with competitions of the table.

And there aren’t any 10-dance pro/am teachers in the town where I live. My options seem to be commuting to the mainland or the US. That has financial implications, not to mention trying to cram a week’s or two week’s worth of lessons into a weekend–something my body won’t tolerate for long, especially working full-time between those weekend. Flying or having an instructor commute here would have similar difficulties.

I just don’t even know where to begin to adjust to this. Do I work with Boss and compete with another pro? That seems like another nightmare for me.

An amateur partner still remains an impossible dream.

I obviously need to switch gears, but I don’t know where to start. I either need to fix my goals, hope work decides to relocate me (not likely), or try to find a remote instructor.

I think the worst thing about commuting is that is would frustrate me very quickly and that would lead me to stop dancing in itself.

The worse thing about this is that after the biopsy was clear I felt I had finally got all my ducks in a row and could focus on dance the way I had been hoping since I got sick. I really should have known better. Nothing is ever that simple for me. I have to fight for everything.

So, if you know a possible instructor who does 10-dance and can handle a commute or commuting student, let me know. Will also welcome any alternative suggestions for goals besides competing.

I’ll just be here spinning my wheels trying to figure out if I am done dancing until I can relocate.

6 thoughts on “Competitive Instructor wanted

  1. Sorry to hear that. I suppose you’ve already asked but does Boss know anyone? Seems like the dance community is pretty small and maybe he has an idea or two. Hope something breaks your way and you find a way to keep dancing AND competing.

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  2. I did ask. The biggest challenge with my community is that it is mainly social dancers and not much demand for competitors or instructors that compete in pro/am. None of them do pro/am at my level or even 10-dance. We are pretty small and isolated here.

    I am pretty much at the point where in order to keep dancing I basically have to find a new goal that doesn’t include competing.


  3. Or expand your dance to a competitive dance that does not require a partner which has an entirely different challenge for individuals though challenging to do on your own you are not held back by any restrictions except what you are willing to put into it. Its about re-focusing to something else you can love versus giving up on dance (I love all dance, admittedly some more than others but I would rather dance at any of them than not at all)


    • Veronica,

      thank you so much for your response! I have given strong consideration to solo competing in the past and revisited again through all this. It really is not for me. I lack interest, and I know from what I will call a ‘former lifetime’ that solo performance and me are not a good mix. Absolutely agree about refocusing! Thank you for the suggestion.


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