An off lesson

This week seems to be taking forever.

I still have a sinus cold and it is really weighing on me.  I had pain so bad today in my face that I went to the clinic, only to be told I was congested and to take tylenol and a nasal spray–things I was already doing.  It’s only on one side now, but it’s not draining as much as it was before–which is actually a problem.  This cold is also making me feel exhausted.

At least I hope it’s the cold…the other thing it could be is the hormone therapy–a possibility that really worries me.  I am tired enough to feel like I can’t completely function and if it is the hormone therapy, it’s not likely to get better.  I know fatigue is one of the main side effects, but what I am feeling right now is extreme.

That aside, it’s easy to see why I would have a lesson that is just off.  I did have a good lesson yesterday, but today was definitely to be desired.  We did cover a lot though, but I think that was more because I was having obvious difficulties focusing on anything.

Yesterday, we worked mainly on latin, focusing on ‘3 threes’ in rumba, after reviewing one of the turning lock steps in waltz I am working on.  The work in both styles brought up some interesting points, particularly in latin where my tendency is to look down when I am concentrating and I am pretty much consistently not taking the time to settle as I move through steps.  That in itself needed some reflection on my part.

Tonight, right from the start I was off.  We began with some simple lead/follow in rumba and I was heavy, unresponsive and distracted.  I just couldn’t bring things together.  It improved, but it was certainly not close to what I am usually able to do.

We reviewed 3 threes and 3 alemanas (apparently gold rumba steps enjoy 3s), which I am doing fairly well on getting through the steps, but the body action is challenging and then there is my arms and lead/follow issues.

I am having a lot of issues with arms and shoulders right now in both styles.  In latin, I want to do pretty much the opposite of what I should and in standard it appears I am making my arms too rigid and am too tense in my frame in general.  We took a lot of time to try some things and discuss but it’s going to be an on-going theme.  The good news is that through a lot of trial and error, I have finally figured out at least some of what I need to do to adjust, at least in standard.

Earlier this week, Boss gave me my gold waltz routine so after working on latin for part of the lesson we reviewed the sequence for that to try and get it into my head and feet.  Unfortunately, I felt like my head was full of water and I just couldn’t pull it together to get through the sequence.  I kept blanking on steps and found myself struggling even just to follow the lead.  We only did that a couple of times before moving on to working on the turning lock steps we had been working on all week.

It doesn’t happen often but I was very glad for my lesson to be done tonight.  Nothing was sticking and I could feel heavy exhaustion weighing on me.  Because of that, I am going to stop writing here tonight as I need to get to bed.

I will try to expand more on all of this during the weekend.  Despite feeling off, there does seem to have been some significant progress in my understanding on a number of key points–but I want to reflect on them more.

We also settled on a competition goal.


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