Bringing it together

I am a little proud of myself this week.

I was successful in balancing work, school, dance, practice and strength training.  And while I was tired by the end of the week, I was not exhausted, which is a huge step forward for me.

I was purposely pushing myself as I want to see where my limits are now.  An interesting development is that my knees, which have been giving me a lot of grief for about 6 months now, are starting to settle down.  The work I am doing to strengthen them and figure out what movements they like and don’t like seems to be paying off.  Thankfully, they really seem to like my dance exercises.  I was even able to go up and down stairs yesterday without a lot of pain.

At my lesson yesterday, we were able to sort through the rest of the exercises I will do in practice, and a program for doing them.  I really like the way the exercises are organized and it is getting back to the basics again, which I have been wanting to do for a while to rebuild some of the skills I have lost.

At the end of the lesson, we started working on one of the new steps for gold in samba: promenade runs.  I have done them before, but not in this level of detail and I love how broken down it is.  We are putting the steps together with the bounce action and core movements.  I am looking forward to working on it more next week.

The other highlight of my week was finally getting my posting message that returns me from the support unit to a substantial position within my trade.  It is the final step in returning me back to ‘full work’, and signifies that my period of medical issues has officially ended.

I am taking it easy this weekend and working to get a head a little on school, before taking time to enjoy the superbowl with friends.

I hope your weekend is just as well!


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