Continuing on…

My lesson on Wednesday went much better than the one on Monday.

It was focused on latin, so that was probably a good part of the battle–moving my body in latin just comes  a little more natural to me than moving as a block in standard.

The lesson was really a lot of trial and error to figure out what exercises I should be doing for latin, similar to the exercises I now have in standard.  We went through a bunch of different exercises in rumba, cha cha and samba, slowly building a program. One small victory for me was when Boss asked me to do some samba whisks and whatever I was doing, I guess I was doing it right because there was a sudden ‘well look at you’ from the corner of the studio.  Of course they weren’t on time (I wasn’t warmed up enough for my knees to cooperate quickly without pain), but they weren’t far off.  I am not sure I could have done a full minute of them, truthfully, but good to know I am doing something right in samba (which based on my comp marks seems to be one of my weakest dances).

Many of the exercises involve focusing on core and hip movements and controlling the movements, which honestly I really enjoy.  I also get to work while pushing my feet into the floor, something else I like.  Back to me being a tactile person.

We weren’t able to finalize the program for latin, but that doesn’t really bother me.  I would rather take time and be sure of what we are doing than to rush and have things be haphazard.  I am sure we will get it narrowed down at my lesson tomorrow.

For practice last night, I ran through the standard exercises 3 times.  I like how they are set up–1:30 of movement, 30 seconds rest through 8 different exercises.  Then a 2 min break and I start over.  I can set my fitbit to vibrate for each interval.  It’s a small start, but it’s a good one and I hope to increase the activity time once I gain more strength (don’t want to overdo things!).  Despite the struggles I had in my lesson on Monday, the exercises are already coming better and I am feeling a little more confident in them.  I still have to be very vigilant about twisting from my hips and not my upper body, and one of the exercises is still very challenging–but the point is to keep getting stronger, isn’t it??

I am actually pretty impressed with how this week is going for me.  My energy levels are staying consistent, I don’t feel exhausted and I have been doing work, strength training, dance lessons, practices and studying.  I am slowly settling into a balance and I hope I am able to maintain it.  I am also less than 1 week from my next shot and I still feel ‘hormonally even’, unlike last month.  I still plan to wait one more month before starting the additional hormone therapy just to give my body more time to adjust to the ovarian suppression before adding something new.  My fingers are crossed that the worse is behind me.


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