The hair debate

My hair is at a really awkward stage right now as far as dance.

It is too short to put up, but too long to just leave it to the fairies to style.  It is sitting just below my ears right now.

From my very first competition, I have worked to include Boss in decisions related to dance–including dress designs, shoes, hair and make-up.  While it is my image and style, we do have to dance together in the end and he does have more experience in it than me.

So that leads us to the hair debate.  What do we do with my rather awkward and unruly hair for the next competition?

I had a general idea what I wanted to do with my hair and had a plan for how I could do it.  It was a bit unorthodox, but it would work for this one competition.  Basically, the idea was this:


Yep, that’s ‘Alice’ from ‘Twilight’.

However, when I asked Boss his opinion on it, he had some pretty strong oppositions, some of which would have been more useful a few competitions ago.

First, he tells me that he does not like the idea of ‘bangs’.  I have had bangs pretty much since 2009.  Typically for competitions I glue them together into little spikes.  The only exception was one competition in 2014 where I did the whole ‘side bang’ thing because I was debating growing them out and they were too long otherwise.  So, apparently, he has not like what I have done with my bangs for competition since the first one.

Secondly, he tells me he is not a fan of the ‘slicked’ down look where essentially a ladies hair is stuck to her head.  At least we can agree on that one.

Finally, he told me he does not like the ‘Alice’ look because it is too messy and looks like there has been no effort put into making it.  I can’t say I agree on that one, knowing how much time and effort it takes to create that look, including straightening, gelling, flipping, and moulding.

That said, it is one competition, so I am willing to be flexible, within reason.  After a bit of discussion that established Boss prefers ‘feminine’ looks with some volume and height on top of the head I did some searching online and sent him some photos for options.  In the end, we agreed on this:


Jagoda B., a recently retired latin pro finalist.  Since my hair is about this length and does have some elements of curl, I am willing to work with it.  I had to see my hairdresser this week anyway so I talked with him, showed him the pictures and he is willing to show me how to do it.  And by me, I mean so I can show Boss.  I can be pretty good and creative with others hair, but I am hopeless when it comes to doing my own, especially the back.  I was directed to buy a 3/4″ curling iron, which I have done.  I am hoping it won’t be too complicated or time consuming, especially as we start dancing at 8 am Saturday morning.

To add an additional dimension to this look, I should mention that my hair is is naturally red from the top of my ears up, and very light blonde from the there down.  That should create an interesting playfulness.

As far as future competitions, aside from continuing to grow my hair out (which I have been doing anyway), I guess growing out my bangs some is also on my list, or at least something to do a bit before my next competition so they are able to be moved off my forehead.  I will have about 8 months to do this so it is pretty likely my next comp will involve more ‘traditional’ hair.

So as far as debates go between Boss and I, this one was not too bad as I am pretty disposed to be flexible.  It’s just interesting how it took him almost 3 years to express his real opinion.  Makes me wonder what else he hasn’t said.

My dresses should hopefully be ready early next week and I have rounds practice today.  I am also reading my textbooks like a mad woman trying to get ahead a bit on my master’s so I don’t have extra stress while trying to compete.

At least I should have good hair 🙂

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