Fuzzy Mind

I had a lesson today but I am not sure how productive it was.

We worked through a lot of stuff, but my mind feels like it is full of jelly I have to try to push all my thoughts through to understand things.

Needless to say, I am counting the minutes until my next injection.  It’s interesting how much of a turn-around it is–when I first got the injection I was really worried about what the side effects might be–now I can’t wait until the next one so I can feel ‘normal’ again.

We fixed a small issue at the end of our samba, ran through the jive and worked on the way that I am closing my feet in tango.  All good points and I hope that my mind will hang on to the information and start to incorporate it better into my routines than it did tonight.

We did have an interesting discussion tonight about lead and follow.  Especially when it comes to using each other for spins, Boss finds it strange that I really don’t seem to have any resistance until my arm is almost back behind me, instead of in front of me.  He finds it is like I don’t feel the resistance until it reaches a certain point.  For me, it is an issue of not having the strength to resist without being able to engage more muscles (those in my back as well as my front).  It is a conversation to have with my trainer for sure as it is something that is greatly lacking, especially in latin.

I hope that Wednesday will be a more productive lesson–or at least a lesson that feels more productive.  The lesson was productive today but it was a struggle all the way through it and at times like I wasn’t even there.

Two days until the injection.