Ever have a dance you just can’t seem to get comfortable with?

That’s tango for me–at least tango position.

Ever since my surgery, I just can’t seem to find the right position for tango, I am either too far back or too hunched forward.  There doesn’t seem to be a middle ground–I am either not using my abs enough, or I am using them too much.  On top of that, I continually seem to be turning my left side out too, which loses the connection with Boss.

We did work a lot on tango tonight.  We have a syncopated sequence at the beginning that I tend to get behind on that got ironed out, and then we switched to another line.  As we were working through it, Boss suddenly decided he wanted to add a fallaway whisk and a contra check to the routine, since we have them both in other routines and they go very well.  One of the lines in particular is quite basic so the whisk will up the ante on it a bit.

To fit the contra check in, there had to be some adjustments to a back open promenade that require some quick head changes and rapid movements.  It took a bit of work today, but we seemed to get it to work.  I hope it sticks, but it should.

Back to tango position, it just seems like I never really get settled.  I start out well, and then as I move through the choreography and change from closed to promenade positions it just deteriorates.  I can see more concentrated work on tango position going onto my ‘to do’ list for after the competition. It drives me a little crazy because tango used to be a very consistent dance for me.

We did review the Quickstep today at the start of the lesson and it is coming along.  It took a couple run throughs to get everything working again but it did come together fairly quickly.  For some reason my head, of all things, keeps throwing me off.

I spent an hour working on paso at the gym today, and by the end of it I was able to go through it with music at about half speed 5 times consistently.  There was one spot where I could tell I had the timing wrong, but I reviewed it with Boss when I got to my lesson so I know where the error was.  I did try it at speed a few times, and the first time I did get through it, but every time after that fell apart in the second phrase.  I chalked it up to fatigue and patted myself on the back for getting through it once at speed and consistently at slow speed.  I hope to have medium speed music for the weekend to help bridge the gap and get my mind and feet thinking faster.

One more lesson this year (although I will have a styling session tomorrow).  My guess is it will be a combination of tango and foxtrot, but we will see.

2 thoughts on “Tango

  1. To answer your question, my dance that I am never comfortable with is the East Coast Swing. I cannot get the bounce action down. Our pro knows how I feel about it and laughs when he says, today we will work on the swing. Someday maybe I will learn to like it. The Tango is my favorite dance.


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