We seemed to have moved into that phase of competition prep.

I like this phase.  It digs into the details and starts cementing things in place.

We started with Samba today because we had to fix the end of the routine so it worked better when looped.  It was small changes, but I like them a lot better than the previous versions.  Mostly it changed the alignment of some of the steps so I am facing out to the audience instead of down line of dance.  I have to work the steps into my feet a little bit, but shouldn’t take too long.

After samba we moved to rumba.  Last week, Boss asked me to figure out a beginning for our routine.  He gave some examples but none of them really resonated with me.  On Saturday, I took some time to play around with some steps and rumba music and figured out a short sequence of about 4 bars that worked. Then I recorded it and sent it to Boss for consideration.  He liked it and today we started by adding steps for him to what I am doing and connecting the two parts together. My first ‘grown up’ rumba beginning–YAY!

Our rumba routine needed some adjusting and lengthening so we worked on sorting and cleaning that.  I am really liking our rumba routine right now.  It still needs some cleaning but once it is together it should look really great on the floor.  There is great flow and connection to it.  I just have to work out a few more styling details for myself, but it gives me some focus for this week.

After rumba we worked on running the new paso routine.  Oh boy. This is taking it’s toll on me.  The new routine is good and I like it, but there are a lot of fast moving parts that I just can’t seem to get into my feet yet.  My head is always about a bar behind it seems and when we do it to speed the first thought that pops in my head is ‘Was paso always this fast???’ Lots of work for me to do on this one, and we won’t be able to work through it further until I get it memorized.

Which brings me to my self-imposed homework for tonight.  I have to write out from memory with the timing my cha cha, rumba, paso, and jive routines (Samba hasn’t changed since the last comp because it was changed dramatically before it and I already wrote it out). I don’t know about you, but the best way for me to memorize a routine is to write it out this way.  I can’t memorize it from watching videos (or even learn it that way), and I can’t memorize from doing it over and over (at least not extended routines).  But once I write it out, I can then visualize it in my head which then transfers to my feet and it all makes sense somehow.  It’s a weird quirk with me–but at least it is one I am aware of!  It doesn’t work for just dance, but almost anything I need to memorize.

On that note, I better get started on writing out my routines!


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