Foxtrot day

American Foxtrot that is–that was the focus of today.

It was a bit of a battle to get through my lesson as my stomach started feeling ‘wonky’ near the end, but despite that it was really productive.  By the end of the lesson we were able to go through the full routine twice with the music with only a couple missteps which was really the goal.

Doing the routine with the music really helped me feel the character of the dance a lot more, which I think I really needed.  I think I am at a point now where I can run the routine a little on my own and start to give some thought to styling.  Some of it is starting to come out with the movements and I am looking forward to digging more into it.

I wish I was feeling just a little bit better but two people in my office went home with stomach issues today and I am not sure if it was psychosomatic or if I am getting sick too but I almost asked to stop 15 mins early.  I pushed through though and I am glad I did.  I think I just needed that little victory.

I am also dealing with a rather painful blister.  I was breaking in new standard shoes yesterday and found a small blister on my big toe.  What was strange was that it seemed to expand a little under the callous.  Unfortunately, by the end of tonight the entire callous on the side of my toes came off leaving me with very painful exposed skin.  I am glad I don’t have a lesson tomorrow and hope the day off will give it time to dry out and start to heal.  Usually, the goal with blisters is to keep the skin as much as possible, but this wasn’t even an option.  I am not sure why I blistered so bad.  I have been wearing this brand of shoes for a few years now and have never blistered with them before–either in latin, standard, smooth or practice shoes.  Just one of those flukes of life, I guess.

I am looking forward to my next lesson, which should be focused on another smooth routine.  I know last week we were able to get the waltz together with the music, and the tango nearly so.  The VW is not too far behind, but the speed of the dance makes it a little tricky.  The foxtrot is probably the most complicated to put together so I am really glad we were able to concentrate on it today.  We should run through it at least once every lesson this week and hopefully that will help cement it a little more.

The goal from this week (at least mine) is to have the routines in a pretty solid place as far as choreography so that we can run through them during a practice next week.  Once I feel comfortable with the steps, I can then focus some on the styling, which will really bring them to life. I hope to feel more comfortable with the routines in general this week so I can stop worrying about them being a disaster during the competition next month.

I really enjoy the dynamics of smooth.  There is no pressure with these dances or routines as we are doing them more as an enhancement to the international style.  It is a different way to express myself and it pulls together elements from both latin and standard and therefore strengthens both those styles.  I am really enjoying learning these routines.


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