When it rains….

It inevitably pours…

I have been quiet lately, but mostly because I was having a hard time finding something positive to say. A lot has happened over the past 2 weeks and it doesn’t look like things are going to improve in the short term.

I have been off work for almost 2 weeks now. What started as withdrawal symptoms from one medication merged into another issue which caused issues with the hormone therapy.

I seem to be finally on the mend, although it may be temporary for now, and in 2 weeks I will see an endocrinologist–which will hopefully be the beginning of the end of these issues (understanding it will take some time to work things out).

I am taking a break from hormone therapy on the recommendation from my family doctor and endorsed by my oncologist.  Just stopping the hormone therapy has already started to make a difference in how I am feeling.  I have moments where I feel really good and strong in a way I haven’t felt since before I got sick, but I have also moments where I feel pretty miserable.

I had bloodwork recently and it showed something my family doctor and I had hoped would have been behind me–a severe hormone imbalance.  My body is producing 4 times the normal amount of estrogen and almost no progesterone to balance it out.  When you add hormone therapy to the mix…it’s been like a perfect storm.  Before I got sick, my family doctor was able to treat the imbalance with progesterone replacements, but now that is no longer possible.  Hence the referral to the endocrinologist.

I am lucky that I will see her in 2 weeks and hopefully she will be able to look at everything and come up with something that will help and make a difference and rebalance my hormones.  According to my family doctor, the hormone imbalance would explain a lot of the symptoms I have been having from depression, to foggy brain, to nausea, muscles aches, and unexplained weight gain. If my hormones are able to be rebalanced, I can try to return to the hormone therapy again.

Taking the break from the HT has helped me feel better.  It is funny how you don’t really realize how terrible you feel until you start feeling better.  Yesterday, I had real energy for about an hour.

But, as I said, when it rains, it pours.

I was greeted by the news tonight when my new roommate got home that he will be moving out in two weeks to live in a place that is not so restrictive on  noise (he is an avid accordian player).  I wish him luck in his new place, but it leaves me in a big pickle dance-wise as it throws off my budget for the foreseeable future until I can find another roommate.

I am disappointed that I have to now recalculate a lot of plans, including coaching and competing, at a time when I feel very close to finally getting back on my feet again dance-wise.  He also told me the day after rent was due and essentially left me without his rent in December, which I had no reason to not expect.  With his rent in my budget I made a decision on extra stoning for my dresses that his rent would have covered. I am hopeful that I will be able to find a new roommate before too much time passes.  No roommate means no competing or any other dance ‘extras’.

This seems to be my quota of disappointments and bad news for December, so I am hoping it will be nothing but happiness and holiday cheer from here on out.

The sun has to come out some day 🙂

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