Post comp work travel

I am posting on my phone, which I think is a first for me.

I am currently currently at currently at the airport waiting for my first of 3 flights that will take me to south Korea for work. I am a little nervous about this trip as it it’s really my first big trip since returning to work. I am pretty sure it’s will go well, but at the same time hope I am really ready for the challenge.

I am in Korea for 10 days and intend to make the best of it. It’s my first time traveling to Asia. It will be busy, but a rewarding trip and I am looking forward to it.

Speaking of traveling itself, nothing is ever simple after cancer it seems. For any long air flight, I have to take baby aspirin 10 days before and after, wear compression socks (which are oh so sexy! ), and try to move around often because the chemo and hormone therapy leave me prone to blood clots. I have traveled once before since treatment so I don’t expect any problems, except I and stuck Ian and Centre seat in an 11-hour flight, and so far there are no options for changing. That means my pacing might end up annoying someone. That is what happens when you have to book through the government last minute.

All my flights are on time so far, so there is a blessing in that. I have a couple hours between my first and second flights so my hope is to be able to catch the live stream of the International finals while I wait.

Speaking of competitions, I got the judges marks from the weekend and except for the open scholarship (which is understandable), all of my placings were extremely close. My standard multi-dance was so close that it took rules 10 and 11 to break the tie. I feel much better about my results now knowing I wasn’t definitively last.

Boss and I had a blend talk Tuesday night to go over the competition and results and decide how to move forward after I get home. He left the decision up to me, but the choice is really whether to keep working on the open silver routines knowing consistency is going to take a long time to develop, or to go back to doing closed syllabus routines for the next competition in January. There are advantages and disadvantages to both.

I emailed Boss my preferences, and asked what he thinks is possible for what I suggested. Based on that, I arendm waiting to hear from him.

I know there will be some changes when I get back, both in my practice exercises and in the training I do outside of dance. I have arendm bot of arendm plan so in many ways I am eager to get back and dive right in. 10 days without dance seems like a long time right now, but the break may also be good for me too.

Sometimes it is good to reset and start fresh. I think above all, that is what I need right now.

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