Follow-up with the surgeon

Today was follow-up with the surgeon to plan my next (and hopefully last!) surgery.

The follow-up went well, and it looks like the surgery will be in February/March, depending on his and my schedule.  I should hear in a couple months when it will be.

The final surgery will reconstruct my nipples (if only sensation came with them!) and will lift my left breast to match my right.  The surgeon will also do some liposuction on my left side where it is still consistently larger than the right.

One comment I didn’t expect to hear was when the surgeon was looking at my stomach and he commented that my ab muscles were ‘really solid’, and even tapped them a little as though to prove it.  They have been developing and they actually stick out a little.  You can see 3 of them and there is a line between them, all in the upper area.  The bottom is still a work in progress.

On that front, in preparation for my appointment I calculated how much I have lost since I started tracking and so far I am 20 inches smaller, even though I have only lost about 5 lbs.  The most lost is from my chest and hips, and when I saw the surgeon today one comment he made is that he didn’t think it would be a good idea to reduce my breasts any.  They are almost down to a ‘d’ cup (considering my natural breasts were ‘G’ cups), so that is a big leap forward.

On the dance front, I haven’t posted this week because I haven’t really done any dancing.  I am on vacation from work and I have been giving myself a break.  Boss had to cancel two lessons in a row, so today was the first lesson I have had this week.

We worked on putting together open routines for both foxtrot and quickstep today.  In the past week, we decided to do only open routines and the solo at the competition next month, to keep the preparation more focused and to give the best opportunity to put them on the floor.  Also, the competition only has open syllabus multi-dance events, so doing closed routines is not really required.

I have noticed something different working with Boss on standard open routines in the last couple lessons.  It’s hard to explain, but it’s almost like I am being treated a little more equal than I have been before.  We work through things and try things, but Boss mostly asks me to just follow what he is doing and adjust as I can.  The routines are new for both of us, so we both make mistakes now and then, but there just seems to be a different way of interacting.  It is still student/teacher, of course, but somehow a little more ‘gelled’ together in how we are working.

I think it started with working on the smooth routines, and has expanded.  It is almost like Boss has discovered more things I am capable of and he is testing those limits.  With the smooth routines, there are elements I have never done before, but I was able to pick up quickly.  I have noticed some of those elements are in my standard routines too.  There is definitely a lot more shaping than I have ever done before.

I talked to Boss briefly today about taking a bit of a break from my exercise drilling for a little bit and he agreed.  I am going to focus my practice on the mini-sequences and learning the new routines.  I think mentally I just need a break from the drilling.  A lot of those exercises I have been working on for more than 6 months, some even longer, and a lot of those elements I can work on in context with the sequences.  At least until after the competition I will keep working that way.

Tomorrow I will try to have 2 lessons in a row to make up for the lesson missed earlier this week and extra lessons for competition preparation.  We are going to work on the solo routine, taking the pieces Boss showed me last week and starting to put them together in an order for a full routine.  I imagine during the second lesson we will work on the latin rotuines.  One good thing–I worked on my own on the latin footwork so most of it is at least a little bit in my feet so I can work on other things instead of worrying about where and how I am supposed to be stepping.  My next goal will be to get the footwork of the standard routines more solid so I can work on the shaping, and add more power and confidence to my movements.  Until I get the timing and footwork down I tend to be tentative with what I do.

Boss also told me today that we will be starting competition practices again, either this week or next (he is going to let me know which). I am a little nervous about them, as my routines all seem a bit of a jumble right now, and I am not really sure I can get through all of them without major mishap.  That said, doing them in a practice environment that is like a competition simulation is only going to help me be more confident in them, and make them stronger.  I just hope I have the endurance for it.

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