Pulling out the stops

Wow–Boss is being really ambitious with the VW solo.

Today he was showing me and teaching me various segments of the routine that he wants to do.  All I can say is….WOW.

It’s pretty intense.  He has me doing a ronde with a battement (which means circling with my leg off the floor), a double spin, a flick, a high kick, and fleckerals.  I was watching him show me all the different lines, and going…ummm….

That said, I did try all the lines, although not with the music, and I could at least do the basic footwork and some of the shaping, so that is promising.  It was a little hard because Boss was having me try the segments to see how I did with them, but I really don’t know how they will all go together, or where in the music and solo they will be.

I definitely have my work cut out for me, and Boss is really outdoing himself (but in a good way!). I really want to see how he puts it all together.  He did tell me that the beginning would stay the same as the original solo, but I have an idea for a slightly different beginning, so I will see if he is open to that.

I am on vacation next week, or rather a stay-cation, so I will have some time to go through some of the things I want to take time for in dance outside of my regular practice time.  I am thinking I will take some time off from strength training and devote the time to working on the various pieces I need to so I feel a little more grounded and prepared on some of the routines, getting the basic footwork down where needed.  I have videos of all the open routines and the segments from the solo today I can use for reference.

I am going to confess a little bit of a secret I have been hiding.  The past couple weeks I have been looking at some options for work and talking with my supervisor.  As I am stuck a little bit in limbo waiting for my medical status to be approved, I find I have some extra time on my hands.  So, after a lot of thought I decided to submit a learning plan to ask for funding to do a master’s degree–and it was accepted!  That means that I have been working on meeting all the criteria to apply for the degree, and that is my other project for me leave–to finish my application.  If all goes well, I should hear about an acceptance in October, and will start my degree via distance learning in January.  I am cautiously optimistic about this, if I am accepted, it will be a great opportunity!

Wish me luck!

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