Open Standard Variations

Today was an interesting lesson.

We started by reviewing the mini-sequences for Waltz and Foxtrot I am working on as Boss noticed yesterday (before I fell), some small issues for me to fix.  For some reason I just couldn’t get the foxtrot to ‘gel’ in my mind, or at least the sway.  After doing it for 15 minutes, I finally got going in the right direction instead of doing the opposite of what I needed.

After that, we started working on open variations for Waltz and Tango for the competition next month (next month!!).  It was really interesting as I have never really done any open figures in standard before, except for a little bit of Viennese Waltz in a solo I did more than 2 years ago.

The routines are both an interesting combination of the steps in my silver routines merged with lines of open steps.  We are playing with the timing some, and having a little fun with some of the line figures.  We were able to get through both routines with the music, although not in full frame.  I was pretty impressed I was able to do it.

We will eventually do foxtrot and Quickstep.  I know Boss has some ideas for Quickstep because he was talking about them at the end of the lesson.  I am not sure about Foxtrot, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he does have some ideas.  I imagine we will do them during my next standard lesson.

Tomorrow, we are supposed to work on the solo for the competition.  It will be a Viennese Waltz and a revival of the solo we did two years ago, although likely with some more complicated steps as the original solo was more basic, except for some pivots.  I am very curious to see what Boss comes up with for it.  We talked briefly about costuming for it (or rather I made a suggestion), and my suggestion was to keep things simple and vulnerable.

The plan for both the open variations and the solo is not to focus on them so much for this first competition, but to have them danceable and in a good position for further refinement for the following competition in January, and even more so for the one after that.  I am excited to have such a good start on open routines that will be able to be refined well into the future as I move from silver into gold.

My belly continues to be an issue, but moving around helps more than sitting still.  Things are ‘moving’ some, but not quite enough to fully alleviate the feeling of being full and the pain when I sit a long time or lean forward.  It is getting a little frustrating, but I am trying to keep it in stride.


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