Return to full duties

Yes, I finally got that news today.

I had a medical appointment to review my medical category and in the end it was decided to recommend I be returned to full duties, pending review by the HQ.

It’s a decision I expected, but never really thought I would hear.  It seems I have been waiting forever to get to this point.  The review by the HQ will take 6-8 months, and there is a small chance they won’t agree with my doctor’s assessment, but it is small.  In the meantime I am able to return back to work just as I was before I got sick.

Today truly is a turning point for me.  It’s another piece of my life returning to full normalcy.

This week at work is certainly a crazy one, but although I am tired it feels good to be back fully into the ‘swing of things’.  I am able to be out of the office almost all week supporting a video film crew as they capture aspects of the organization I work for.  It’s great to help shape the messages and communications that is presented to both internal and external audiences.

One of the videos they filmed to today is actually going to be based on my story.  It was an honour to be chosen as the subject for a video and I can’t wait to see the final product.  We did an interview with me, followed by filming at the studio with Boss, and another interview with me and a short one with Boss.

Once this week is over, I am able to really start focusing on preparing for the competition in October.  It took a lot of thought, but I decided to do the smaller local competition, which was also the same competition I did last year after radiation before my surgery.  There is something cyclical about doing that competition and I have lots to show.

Yesterday, we worked on solidifying the Paso routine, and adding the sway to the movements.  I will admit I wasn’t fully working on all cylinders yesterday as my lesson was at the end of the day after practicing and strength training.  I was having some trouble keeping my focus and as was not as able to process things as quickly as I usually do.

But, days like that happen and I worked my way through it.  By the end of the lesson we were able to go through all my latin routines and the paso routine seemed to be in good shape.

One thing that seems to be a theme is that I need to get used to pushing my boundaries and keep working to my limits.  Boss seems to constantly be reminding me to ‘do more’, which is actually a good thing.  I need to get used to moving again and using my full power.  I also need to remember that I am stronger now than I have been previously.

All in all, it was a great day and should be an amazing week.


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