Yesterday during my lesson Boss and I were trying out the American Foxtrot routine that was choreographed for us by the coach in the US.

It’s a really interesting routine, but more complicated than the waltz routine.  There is a lot more time in tandem and side-by-side work, but there are some really cool lines and some really fun parts.  I am really looking forward to trying the tango and Viennese Waltz routines over the next couple weeks.

One of the things I am really liking about taking some time to delve into smooth is that it is something really fresh and new to work on.  It is almost like a combination of latin and standard, and there are certainly things that are taking me out of my comfort zone.  There aren’t really any parts that I feel are beyond my abilities in general, but there is a unique challenge to the routines that I don’t get from the other stuff I am working on.  The biggest part may be that these routines have no pressure with them at all because in the end I am doing them for pure fun.

It’s almost like putting together four of the most versatile showcase routines possible.  Each routine can be done to any music for that style but they are certainly more ‘showy’ than my usual competition routines.

One of the most interesting things about working on this routine is I can tell where the work I have been doing on my international foxtrot is transferring and really paying off.  As we were working through some steps, it occurred to me quite a few of them just wouldn’t make any sense to me this time last year.  It’s a small way to see progress, but still feels good to see it.

I am definitely finding myself gaining confidence in my standard as I move forward, especially in foxtrot which previously seemed to just ‘a bridge too far’.  Whatever the reason, suddenly I am finding myself having a better understanding of what I need to do, and, even better, my body is actually responding to do it.

In other things, Boss and I have finally nailed down our plan moving ahead and we have consensus on it.  I also decided on a competition for the fall.  I decided to do local competitions for my next two and use them to focus on preparing for a much bigger competition in the spring, possibly in the US.  I was talking with one of Boss’s other students who is just returning to dance after time off, and she and I are exactly on the same page for that, which is a good sign and means we can split costs.  I am really excited to have her return to dance because she and I used to compete together a lot, share goals, and have always supported each other.  Having her away was like a piece of my dance family was missing.

Boss and I also decided on what to do for a showcase/solo this fall, and we are going to be ‘reviving’ a Viennese Waltz solo from my early years working with him.  I have a little bit of work to do to figure out a little bit what I want to do with it, but it should be fun.  It’s been more than 2 years since I have done a standard/smooth solo.

My next lesson is on Thursday in Standard, and I am interested to see how that goes.

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