key word post–Paso Doble

It’s been a while since I have done one of these.  I don’t think I have done Paso yet.

Yesterday’s lesson was mainly about reorganizing my closed silver paso routine a little, so I guess that got me thinking about about my ‘key word’ posts.

The keywords for Paso are strength, aggression, and power.

There is no doing Paso halfway.  Every move has to be done with intent and strength with both partners moving strongly across the floor.  There is nothing tentative about Paso.

All the lines in paso need to exude strength from both partners.  You need to feel the power moving from one hand to the other through the body, from the floor to the head and back again.

Every step needs to be done with precision, grace and confidence.  The aggression in the dance is not combative between the partners, but more an attack on the steps to give the strength and power needed for the character of the dance.

It is truly unique in the latin dances and one of my favourites.

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