Clearing the murkiness

Finally, I think we have a solid plan in place.

Yesterday at my lesson, we clarified the final details and from there began working.

The lesson was focused on Latin lead/follow.  This is an interesting topic to work on as on the one hand, it requires a lot of focus, on the other it’s better if I don’t focus.

Ah, the lovely contradictions of dance.

To be really effective in lead/follow, I have to be willing to rely solely on the information I am receiving through mainly my hand, but in the absence of a hand wherever there is contact.  I also have to transmit information back through my hand from my body about where my body is in space, for example how my hips are moving and transitioning through a step.

It also means having to ignore my natural instinct to focus on the music and time my steps perfectly with it–I have to rely more on the lead from Boss–in his words, ‘he is the music’.  This is certainly a challenge for a musician, who is also a perfectionist.  I have spent a lot of time working on being in time, so to abandon that even a little takes some conscious effort for me.

Despite that, things seem to be going well, although right now my responses are quite strong while I work to make sure they can be felt.  In my next lessons, I will have to work on ‘lightening’ them up a little and finding the balance between being too strong and not strong enough.

The other nice thing about my lesson yesterday was that we ran through my competition routines in all 5 dances to review them and see how the lead/follow is translating to them.  It’s been a really long time since I have run them, so I was glad that I haven’t completely forgotten them.  Some of the lead/follow is translating and I can certainly tell where that is making a difference.

I got clearance from physio to go back to wearing my heels again, so last night during my practice I gave them a try.  It went quite well, but I had really forgotten how much of a difference 2.5″ makes from 1.5″.

The only small issue last night was I seem to have re-injured my wrist.  It had been still bugging me, but not too bad and yesterday it was x-rayed again to see if there was any evidence of a fracture showing up.  The x-rays were still clear, but there is definitely still some tenderness around the wrist.

In particular, any pushing motion with the hand flat (which is how the injury happened) can be quite painful, so I been avoiding that motion.  However, last night during my lesson I was doing Cuban breaks in my cha cha routine and without thinking I used a hand to hand hold to push myself back into the turn.  Big mistake.  The pressure and position cause pain to go shooting through my wrist and it hasn’t stopped hurting since.  I am back to wearing my splint, icing, and ibuprofen.

I was referred yesterday to a physio clinic that specializes in hand injuries, so I am hoping I will be able to get an appointment soon and get some idea on how to mend it up and strengthen it.

On a small note, in talking with my trainer yesterday about all my activities and schedule, we decided it might be better to move from doing 1 program 3 times a week to doing 2 programs twice/week.  This would keep me active 5 days/week, and it would allow me to do a better variety of exercises to support all my training and my recovery.  I am looking forward to seeing the new program.


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