I am in day 2 of returning to full-time work.

So far, so good.  One of my cats is making a protest about dinner coming an hour later, but she will get over it.

I am trying to take it slow and easy, getting to bed early and giving myself a break when I need it.  My wrist is still bothering me quite a bit and it is starting to worry me a little.  I was told that wrists take longer to heal than other joints because there is not a lot of blood-flow to the area, but it is close to 2 weeks now.  It hurts to touch my wrist.  Thankfully, I have a physio appointment tomorrow and I can ask her to have a look at it.

On top of adjusting my work hours, I also have had to adjust the time when I take my hormone therapy and that has an effect as well.  Even the change by an hour over the last couple days seems to be leaving me with headaches and some body aches.

The one small adjustment I am liking is the change to my practice schedule.  Yesterday was a day of running ‘mini-sequences’ and as I worked through the patterns, some of them are really coming together.  Others aren’t quite there yet, but I am no longer at the phase where I am standing wondering what I should do to make it work.  It’s actually surprised me a little how some of them are coming–I feel more confident in the footwork than I expected and I am able to start working on other details like sway, technique, etc.

My Monday lesson this week got moved to today due to scheduling issues and I am looking forward to seeing what we work on.  Today is supposed to be a latin day, but really I no idea what we will work on until I get there.  We have been doing a lot of standard lately, so latin would be a good change up.

I am hoping when I get to physio tomorrow I will get clearance to go back to working in higher heels again, now that my Achilles is doing better. I am still having pretty bad issues with my right knee, but I don’t expect that to clear up anytime soon. Mostly I just need to keep strengthening and stretching and hoping that eventually the issues will work out.

I expect to continue with a lot of adjustments over the next few weeks–both in dance and other areas of my life.


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