I’m Back

Whew!! It’s been a crazy couple weeks!

My wrist is doing better, although still not completely healed.  There are only certain movements that are painful now, so I just try to avoid them.  No push-ups for me.

Looking back over the last 2 weeks, I feel like I haven’t stopped.  Work has been busy and even my after work schedule has been more hectic than usual.  I also seem to be having a little bit of problem managing fatigue so that has meant going right to bed after dance in most cases.

The fatigue seems to be lessening, which is great because starting Monday I return to work full time!  I am looking forward to it and a little anxious at the same time.  It doesn’t seem like much, but adding an extra 2 hours to the work day seems to really through me for a loop for a couple weeks until my body adjusts.

In general, I will say that I am getting a little bit frustrated with my fatigue levels.  Sometimes it hits me right out of nowhere unexpectedly, and I do feel a little limited in what I can do–which is never easy.

I do think that my body is adjusting more to the hormone therapy though and as I come closer to the 3-month mark, that is to be expected.  The hot flashes ramped up for a little bit, but they have simmered down noticeably lately and only a few of them are what I would call ‘intense’.

I finally have a new dance plan.  One of the things I did over the last couple weeks was sit down with Boss and go through his plan moving forward to get us both on the same page.

One of the biggest and most refreshing changes is to my practice.  Now, instead of doing drills only for practice, I have one day  of exercise drills, and another where I work on ‘mini-sequences’ from my routines in most of my dances.  Some of the sequences are preparation for doing open steps.  During that practice, I spent 5-7 minutes on the sequence for each dance going through the steps slowly and paying attention to the details, like alignment of my body, Cuban motion, sway, balance, etc.  I alternate practice days, and so far it seems to be working out.

It was working on one of these sequences where I fell and sprained my wrist.  The rumba sequence takes very basic steps and adds spins to them, which allows me to work on my spins (most are more than 360 rotations), both simple and spirals.  I was working on my left simple spin when I lost my balance and fell.  At least nothing was broken and I seem to be on the mend.

My lessons have been going really well lately too.  We are finally settling into a regular pattern of one latin, one standard per week.  We have some exercises which we work on together in lessons and we have been working on making sure that I have the ‘mini-sequences’ in my head enough for me to do the practice.  Almost all of them are there.

The biggest step forward lately has really been in standard.  As I regain my strength, I am developing a much better control of my footwork, body and movement.  I am able to stably hold my position now, and finally I am understanding how to change that position as I move through turns, in and out of CBMP and I am following sway when I dance with Boss.  It’s a huge leap forward for me and Boss is almost giddy with the progress.  This increase in understanding has also made it easier for us to work and things are coming a little faster now.

I am sorry for being away so long, but I promise to try to work posting back into my regular routine as things move forward.

I am looking seriously into competing this fall, I just have to wait for my work schedule to be decided as I may be away for work during the competition I would like to do.  It’s nice to sort of have a goal to work towards though and I hope it will become more concrete in the near future.


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