Change of Direction

When I had my lesson last week, at the end of it Boss mentioned that we should sit down and sort through my goals and other things.

I was really glad to hear that as I had been waiting for him to be ready to talk about goals and focus since I returned from my last surgery.  The main thing was Boss needed some time to see where I was physically and figure out what I needed to focus on.

I have been having some trouble cognitively lately (a chemo side effect, and/or HT side effect), and I just can’t seem to maintain my focus on any extended conversation.  It’s been getting gradually worse, but during one of my lessons last week Boss and I talked about style in latin and I retained very little of the conversation.

Because of that, when Boss said he wanted to talk about goals and focus, I immediately asked him to put the plan in writing for me.  I also asked him if we could look at everything comprehensively as he had indicated he wanted to make some changes to how I was working and restructure some things.

He agreed with me and is now thinking more comprehensively and hopes to have everything written and laid out to send to me to review before we discuss it–which will help my comprehension and save us discussion time as I can figure out my questions beforehand.

One of the main things Boss told me he wants to change up is my practices–with a switch from less drilling of specific techniques to working on ‘mini-sequences’ from my routines that consist of 3-4 steps.  Instead of working on just spin turns in waltz, I will now work on them in context with other steps from my routine–and in detail.  The goal is to have the steps with all the details (sway, alignment, technique, foot position, hip action) done in time with the music on my own.

I am not sure yet what my new schedule will look like, but I am looking forward to the change.  It’s almost a step beyond what I was doing before–I am going to be taking the techniques I have been practicing and figuring out how to apply them to my routines.

I am also really glad for the change in structure.  While I do really like the way I am working right now, I have been working that way for more than two years and it will be nice to refresh and try a new approach to how I am learning.  I think the change will be good for me mentally and hopefully will help with some of my struggles in motivation.

I fully expect some growing pains.  I don’t do change well, but as long as there is a definitive structure to the new plan I should be able to adjust.  Structure is key for me–otherwise I panic.  I can be flexible within a structure (like changing one day for another), but the outline needs to be there for me to work within.

Change is good.  I keep telling myself that 🙂

Tonight we already started working on some of the mini-sequences I will be doing in foxtrot, waltz and jive.  Boss seems to have a plan for what to give me from other dances as well.  He told me I am now learning things ‘exactly like the book’, which seems to be a natural way of learning for me–very precisely and in detail.

What we did today seems to make sense and the good thing is that I have enough of a foundation to be able to work through the sequences in the detail I want without getting overwhelmed.  Some things are coming almost naturally, so that is good.

I am eager to see what Boss comes up with later this week.

Change is good.

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