Definition of Insanity

We have all heard that the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect different results.

I felt like that during my practice tonight in a couple of my exercises.  In particular, the good ole foxtrot.

Today was an intense day.  Mondays are definitely going to be rough–on top of work, I had strength training, a lesson and practice.

I was able to cut down my rest time between runs (yay me!), but my new strength program took almost 90 minutes and I have only 60, so there will need to be some adjustments there.

My lesson was good today.  Boss had closed silver routines ready for cha cha and samba that I can do for my test, if it happens as planned.  He is waiting to hear if the tester will be in the area, to know for sure.  The new routines are pretty interesting, and they are using silver steps I haven’t done before like reverse tops and rope spinning in cha cha and circular shadow voltas and argentine crosses in samba.

At the end of the lesson we went through the foxtrot exercises and Boss added the 3-step to the feather.  I am definitely not ready to put the 2 together yet or do the 3-step on my own yet.  As far as the feather exercises, there were good points and bad.  On the good, my first three movements seemed to be right, on the bad I was starting in the wrong position (which was pretty easy to fix), but the last step just wouldn’t come together.  The other issue was that I still wasn’t allowing my hips to turn with my upper body.

I was able to start checking and correcting for this today, but for some reason there is this voice in my head that keeps saying not to turn my hips.  I am trying to ignore and rewrite it, but it is slow going.  I took some time to rotate from my hips up with my eyes closed to try and get the right feeling in my head.  When I am static, it seems to work, but moving I feel like I have 6 legs and they are all tangled together and going in opposite directions.

I gave myself a little credit for being tired during my practice tonight, but it seemed like no matter what I did in foxtrot on my own, I was falling over, twisted (and not in the good way), or missing something.  It is only the second time I worked on it on my own though, and right about now is when it is supposed to feel like a jumbled mess.  The key is to just keep doing it.  Hopefully that nice connected feeling will come back, because I just couldn’t find it today.

Boss told me he is just going to let me work through the feather part on my own for now, and focus on the 3-step.  It could have been fatigue, but I just couldn’t seem to get my mind to wrap around that part of the lesson.  My head was going in 5 different directions trying to process everything.

I am hoping my mind will just process it all on it’s own overnight as it sometimes does and that Wednesday’s practice will be better.

I might just have to remind myself that in the grand scheme of things, Monday’s practices are going to be weaker just from fatigue, meaning everything will take more effort to get through. In general, I would say that everything was ‘off’ just enough to be frustrating tonight.

Tomorrow I have my next dress fitting (can’t wait!), and Boss is coming to give his opinion (which should be interesting…). I also will have my work hours reassessed tomorrow–so fingers crossed I can get a small increase to 6 hours!


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