Social Dance Revival

I promised a more positive post, so here it is–

Last night I ended up going to a social dance for the local dance society at a venue managed by a ‘club’ I have to be a part of for work.  I had to be there as the ‘sponsoring member’.  Thankfully, other than an on-going headache and some body aches, I was finally feeling better.

It has been since the beginning of the year since I have been able to go to a social dance, both for health and other reasons.  The nice thing about the dance last night was that it wasn’t at either a gym or a senior centre.  It was a completely ‘new’ venue for the society and one where many people had never been before.

The dance was really well attended.  There were several people there who also had not been to a social dance in a very long time.  The result was close to 100 people with great energy really enjoying themselves.  I was able to see people I haven’t seen in a while and catch up with friends.  At the end of the night, there were even people still standing on the floor waiting for  In the past 2 years, I cannot think of a time when that has happened.  There was a group from the society who even stayed behind in the lounge to socialize a bit more.

Looking around the dance, it felt great to see so many people enjoying dancing and socializing and having a good time.  Many of the leaders were mixing up who they partnered and no one spent extended time sitting.  It was the type of event that was exactly why I had gotten involved in the society in the first place–to promote and enjoy dance with like-minded people.  There were even some of the regular members of the ‘club’ taking time to watch the dance that was happening–even if they didn’t want to dance themselves.

It was good to get out and be able to just enjoy dancing.  There were some stronger leaders there to dance with and a couple of ladies even came up to me after to say how much they enjoyed my dancing with one in particular.  The interesting thing was that it was the first time I was able to apply some of my recent lessons in lead/follow and from standard to a social setting.  I had to remember to adapt to some of the leaders who were less strong and wouldn’t anticipate my using my head in spins turns and some of them have very light touches that can be hard to follow.

My body did tell me when I had done too much.  I found myself easily becoming light-headed and dizzy if I wasn’t careful.  Sometimes the nausea would come back too.  But I remembered to give myself lots of breaks and not push it too hard and just to try and have a good time.

After such a late night, I expected to be dragging a little bit today, but happily I can say I am feeling even better.  The headache is persisting as are the body aches, but the nausea has been minimal.  My lower back is acting up, likely from sitting too much, so I am having to do my exercises to relieve the pain there.  That’s an issue not related to the HT, but an old injury that flares up now and then when my body goes through significant changes.  It’s very painful to bend forward, but I will keep on the exercises and hopefully that will work it out.

I will have another social dance next weekend and I am looking forward to it.  My goal for this week is to try to complete all my workouts and practices as I can as well as work, of course.  I am very relieved to find myself feeling better, and hope it continues to improve as the week progresses.

Because I was feeling better, I had a really productive day today–all the chores are done, I purged my wardrobe and donated a garbage bag of clothes to charity and finished piecing the top of my quilt.  It may still be an early night to bed, but it’s 8 pm and I am not ready yet–even after only 7 hours of sleep last night 🙂

I have a few other topics to write about in the next few days when I have time, so I hope you will find them interesting.

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