That’s a much better title than my first instinct, which was nausea.  So I have good news and not so good.

To start with the good–I did reach my goal this week!  3 full strength training sessions with a run/walk program, and 3 full practices.  More than 6 hours of activity.

As far as the activity, after the over-doing and exhaustion on Monday the activity helped to bring my energy levels up.  I even reached a point where in 3 of my strength training exercises I will be able to increase my weights.  I will also be able to increase my running time on Monday.

That is if the Tamoxifen doesn’t increase it’s side effects.  Tamoxifen is the name of the hormone therapy I am on.  I took the full dose today and unfortunately I was hit with a strong wave of nausea about 90 minutes later.  That started what is best described as cascading hot flashes.  I felt much better after my workout but the nausea returned later in the day.  I have some muscle aches, but it is hard to tell at this point if they are due to the HT or the work I am doing.

In general, I just feel ‘out of sorts’.  I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I hope it stays at this level or gets better and not worse.  The weekend will certainly tell.  Today has been a battle.

Today also marked the death of my fitbit.  It has served me well for the last 18 months, but the button broke and as I stated previously I am not allowed to wear it at work because of it’s bluetooth capabilities.  Thankfully, today I found a great substitute in a very simple ‘Lifetrak’ tracker that is closer to a watch, but still has an ‘on demand’ heart rate monitor it uses to track calories.  It also doesn’t use an app, it doesn’t need charging and it is waterproof.  The only thing from fitbit I will miss is the constant heart rate and the sleep tracking.  This new watch also only stores data for 7 days at a time.  It is proving to be a great ‘stop gap’ until I can go back to a fitbit.

I am hoping next week will be at least as productive as this week and that I will again be able to finish all my workouts and practices.  At least the workouts help the side effects and don’t seem to contribute to them.

Baby steps. 1 day at a time.


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