I think I found the best combination for strength training and dance practice.

I had a good session of strength training yesterday, but I definitely felt tired afterwards.  There was a lot of internal debate with myself over whether I would go do practice, but I know I need to be consistent to put it all together and that I would be doing much less than I did on Monday, so I got myself out the door and to the gym.

I had a nice session in the gym by myself and got through all of the exercises exactly as much as I wanted to do them.  When I finished, I felt a bit of a ‘dance high’ which was a great sign.  There were only two exercises that I didn’t do for the full time I wanted to–the rumba walks, and holding my standard position.

The walks I am sure I can adjust and build up to the full time in short order, I was only about 20seconds short.  The holding of my frame I will start with a smaller goal and build from there.  I just have to remember I am trying to hold my frame using muscles that already had completed a full strength training workout and full practice–so no wonder they are exhausted by the end of the day.  I can work with that.

I even found some good improvements in what I was doing.  Jive was much more consistent and as far as I can tell I am doing it right.  My standard position is slowly feeling more ‘natural’, meaning I can find it easier and can tell when I am not doing it wrong.  The tango swivels seem to be going well, and even the waltz spin turn is getting stronger.

I am also ready to increase weight in 2 of my strength training exercises–another great step forward.

Tomorrow I switch to the full dose of the hormone therapy.  To say I am nervous about it would be an understatement.  I seem to have adjusted some to the half dose, but I can still tell the days I take it and days I don’t.  Tomorrow will be the first time taking it 2 days in a row since just after Christmas.  I hope the difference is slight.  I am determined to keep working on building my physical activity while Boss is on vacation so that when he gets back I am fully good to go, but the HT will play a large part in that.

I really just want to get this ‘trial’ phase over with.  I feel like I am just cruising along waiting and can’t really progress until the HT is sorted.  Hopefully 2 weeks will tell the whole story.

Here’s hoping tomorrow and the weekend go well.


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