Revising silver

It was an easier lesson today.

We started by Boss making the modifications to 3 of my standard routines to make them acceptable for my silver test by strictly adhering to the syllabus and the prescribed sequence of steps.

Thankfully, at least so far, there aren’t a lot of changes needed although I did need to learn a couple new steps in tango and quickstep, so that was interesting.  I imagine we will probably look at the latin routines next.  He does expect to need more changes in latin, especially in my cha cha routine.

After looking at the routines and trying them, we worked more on standard frame, especially practicing getting into position.  It came easier today and even moving was easier, so I see that as a big step forward.  At the end of the lesson we even did some pivots, and in the end I really understood what I need to do–including moving–I thought we were supposed to stay static!

I am looking forward to working more on it.  I am enjoying the moving into full position and pivots.  We also started working on some footwork, and that is the only exercise I have right now–time to build some new muscle memory!  It’s a static exercise, so not too hard, and something I need to do slow.  Gives me a little goal for now.

Next week is going to be tricky to fit in my lessons–Monday is a holiday, Wednesday is no issue, but Boss is not available outside of my work hours on Friday, so if I would like to have a second lesson, it will likely need to be Thursday.  The issue is I am not sure I am ready to dance two days in a row without giving my body time to recover in between.  I was definitely quite worn out and tired yesterday after my lesson on Wednesday.  It’s something to consider for sure.  After that, I have only 1 week before Boss goes away on vacation until almost the end of June, so I will be left to practice on my own.

Since I will be at the same incorporating some of my other weight training exercises, the break is rather timely.  It gives me a chance to build in the weight training activity and some practices before adding in regular lessons.  Allows me a regular build to my activity.

First week of part time work is done!  Really glad to have it over, but still proud to get through it.