Coming Back

It’s been a pretty interesting day and week.

I am continuing to recover from surgery and everything seems to be going well.  There is no fluid collection and my drain and stitches are gone.  My incision is almost healed and the drain hole is slowly coming (it’s slow being in the crease between my thigh and belly).

In fact, things are going so well that when I saw the surgeon today he gave me his blessing to go back to all activities including dance in another week!

So now I am going to be returning to dance AND going back to work 1/2 days all at the same time.  I really feel up to the challenge and am looking forward to it.

I will do at least 2 weeks of half days then the doctor will reassess and decide how to proceed from there.  As I will be close to potentially restarting HT again (or have started) when I see him, I expect that 1/2 days will continue a little longer until we know how and if I will adjust to the HT.

I am still quite swollen through my hips and lower belly to the point it’s uncomfortable to wear pants or anything constrictive around my legs for a long period of time.  Part of that though is the wounds from the stitches and drain holes.  The swelling should start to go down in a couple weeks and I seem to lose about 1-2 lbs in inflammation a day (I gained more than 10 lbs after the surgery from what I weighed during my intake to the surgical ward).  Another 5 lbs should put me back to the weight I was before the surgery and will be a sign the swelling is down.  I remember from my first lumpectomy that it took about 6 weeks before my ‘girl’ lost it’s swelling and was suddenly half the size of the other one, so I am not surprised.  I did manage to go most of today without pain meds with a lot of running around so yay me!

I will see the surgeon next in September to see where I am at and reassess.  We will discuss another revision surgery to reconstruct my nipples, downsize my breasts and see if there is anything that can be done about how my belly looks like a permanent mushroom.  That gives me a good goal until then to work on losing my chemo weight and rebuild some of my strength, tone and muscles to give the best picture going forward.

My small victory for this week was that I found a pair of work pants that will fit over my swollen hips, so I should be ok to go back to work in uniform–which is very important to me.  I meet with the return-to-work coordinator next week to discuss how the program will work.

I am not really sure what I will be working on when I return to dance.  I still have to go slow, so I won’t be doing much extra practice for the first little while, and then Boss is away on vacation until almost end June, so there will be no lessons.  Boss and I do seem to be on the same page that now is the time to start moving things forward and focus in on things.  This is the first time in more than 18 months I am able to go into dance and not have a limit on how long I can work on things before I have to take a break for medical reasons.  And there is nothing for me to do now but get stronger.  Boss and I are hopefully going to have a planning session next week.

For the first time in a long time I feel genuinely positive about the future long term.  It’s nice not to have anything looming on the horizon.

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