Lead/follow continued

My lesson last night was more work on lead/follow.

I am enjoying the work in this area because it’s completely in a different realm from what I have worked on before.  It’s like filling in the extra pieces I have been missing.

We worked through some more steps last night, breaking them down one element at a time making sure to use the correct lead/follow movements.  Doing things that slow takes a lot of thought and control, and unfortunately, my lesson was at the end of the evening so I wasn’t the most awake.  But in hindsight, I think that may have helped because it kept me from trying to overthink things.

It was interesting because on the one hand, going through each movement to figure out where the switches from pulling the energy in or pushing it out needed to take place, but it was also building a bit of an ‘intuition’ almost to respond to the lead.

What last night did highlight is how much I really move on my own and depend on my internal sense of rhythm and timing to move through steps.  I generally pay attention to the lead until I know (or think I know!) what step is being led, then move through it on my own in time to the music.  I don’t even want to think about the number of times Boss would delay his lead only to find me continuing on not paying attention! Oh the plight of the independent woman learning dance 🙂

That said, at the end of the night we did go through some parts of my rumba routine more or less in time to see what, if anything, was sticking.  Once we were moving at time and I didn’t have a lot of time to think about what I was doing both of us were surprised to discover I moved through the movements in the right way–even the fan where I don’t think I ever really got it completely going slow.

I can see where this is something that is going to take a lot of time to become truly intuitive, but I am glad to see even just a glimmer of subconscious understanding coming through.  A lot of what I am doing right now is too heavy and exaggerated because I am almost concentrating too hard on trying to get it right, but I hope it will lighten up as I become more confident in it.

It is a new dimension to my dancing for sure, and for the first time latin is starting to feel like a ‘partnered’ dance rather than something I just happen to do beside someone else.

Part of me almost wants to close my eyes as we work on this so that I am really paying attention to the kinetic signals.  The other thing I have noticed is that I find myself looking everywhere but at Boss–which has always been a problem for me, even outside of dance.  I am not very good at making eye contact when I talk to people, which is interesting considering I work in communications.  It was something I was working on before I got sick, and I guess now that I am interacting with people regularly again it’s something I should work on more.  I find eye contact difficult because my eyes tend to show everything I am thinking and feeling and making eye contact feels very revealing to me–especially if I have contact with someone else in some other way (like joined hands).

I find it interesting that working on lead/follow has really highlighted these two things for me–the eye contact avoidance, and the independence, which is really a lack of trust and a bit of fear on my part. Fear of failure, fear of giving up control, fear of connection, fear of intimacy.  None of them is hugely outweighing the others, but all are present leading to a lot of hesitancy and cautiousness.  I am interested to see how this progresses.  I am definitely outside my comfort zone working on this, but I am trying not to let it be too obvious.


That was the subject of yesterday’s lesson in latin.

It was a surprise when I came in for it, but it was also good because it gave my body a bit of a break.  I had asked Boss shortly after my last surgery if we could do a lesson focused solely on that, and if we could go through a full step with it, but I never really got a full response.  He decided yesterday to do that lesson.

Lead/follow in latin is something I have been noticing lately watching couples dance, since I had a very basic lesson with Boss just before my surgery.  It’s about the movement of energy, opposition and active/passive resistance.  I have also heard it called ‘push-pull’ but I find that is quite basic.  It’s really about connecting energy to communicate with your partner. Since my initial lesson, my mind has been trying to make the pieces of it ‘click’ into place, but I was just missing one piece.  It was interesting that when I visualize my routines in latin, there is now a lead/follow aspect incorporated into it where I can figure it out.  I also realized yesterday that the lead/follow is where a lot of the dynamics in latin comes from as the couples use each other to give that extra ‘oomph’ to their movements.

The type of lead/follow I am talking about is beyond the leader indicating what steps to dance.  It’s is a constant flow of information between the leader and follower that not only directs the steps from the leader, but also tells the leader if the follower has completed the step, and where each part of the couple is in their own body movement.  It directs the steps and the body movement–the settling of the hips, the preparation for the step, the transfer of weight.

So, the tricky part as a follower is to figure out how to communicate that information back to the leader so he knows you are ready.  He also responds by providing information about his own body movements.  It’s not as simple as saying that when the leader pulls back, you pull back and when he pushes forward, you push forward.  There are a lot of subtleties involved and as I learned yesterday there are active responses (when the body is actually moving to a new location) and passive responses (when the body is moving while staying in one place).

In the end, I have to say it was pretty fascinating to work on.  It took a lot of trial and error–first just working on doing rocks forward and back together, and then working through a combination of open hip twist, fan, hockey stick in rumba.  There is a lot of information being passed in a short amount of time and if I don’t do my part right then it throws Boss’s part of as he doesn’t have the resistance he needs to complete his own movements.

Boss was definitely having fun with the lesson yesterday though.  It is very detailed and advance stuff we were working on, and that is one of the things he really likes about dance (me too, truth be known).  I won’t say I completely mastered or even got to the stage of executing with regularity, but the understanding is much higher than before and I can feel my mind starting to put the pieces in place.  I am optimistic this will become something my mind is able to put together subconsciously and will only need a few ‘tweaks’ for specific steps that are a little ‘outside the norm’.

We will certainly see!

Great Pro Latin Rising Star yesterday at Blackpool!! I was so excited to see two Canadian couples in the Semi-Finals!  Looking forward to today’s Live Stream!

The Return of Hormone Therapy

The time has finally come.

I will restart hormone therapy at half dose tonight. If I can tolerate it, then I am to increase up to the full dose after two weeks.

I am very nervous and apprehensive about this.  Last time things went so badly.  I don’t want to go back to feeling that awful again.  This time, I am have been on medication that should help counteract the side effects for almost 6 months, and I am able to be active.  The problem is that the medication hasn’t been as effective as the oncologist seemed to hope.

One thing that is clear though and that both my oncologist agree on–if things do go sideways I am to stop the HT right away, and it will clear out of my system in about a week.  After that, there aren’t any other options the oncologist would be comfortable trying, so I will go without.  We shall see what the next week brings.

On the one hand though, I am relieved to finally be at the point where I can at least try this therapy and either put it behind me, or be able to tolerate it and move forward.  It’s been a dark cloud hanging over my recovery.  So now I get to see if it rains or if the sky clears.

All I can do is take it one day at a time and keep myself busy.  I have decided to start working on a quilt to keep me engaged and distracted when I am not at work or dance.

Speaking of dance, today we tried latin for the first time since my surgery.  It is definitely difficult and hard on me.  Nothing in my mid-section really wants to work the way I want it to.  My core tires very quickly.  That said, we were able to work through some rumba and samba, and just a little bit of jive today.  I think Boss is working on putting together some new exercises for me.

I am sore after my lesson, but not too bad.  I am curious to see how things feel tomorrow though, as I have some small aches here and there already.  My next lesson is tomorrow afternoon and I am looking forward to it.

Live coverage of Blackpool also starts tomorrow–I hope to catch a little bit here and there between work!

Missing Pieces

I am not sure why, but tonight I find myself missing competing.

My next planned competition is not until November and there is a lot to do before then to prepare.

The last time I competed was last October and I was so run down from having shingles it wasn’t really a ‘true’ competition.  If I look back, the last time I felt like I was really competing was the end of October 2014, right before I was diagnosed.

I think it is more than competing that I am missing.  I think it is having a clear goal to aim for and to know when I go out on the that floor I will do so knowing that I have prepared my best and things will fall as they fall.  I like being meticulous in what I do and I feel like that is missing from my dance.  While I do have a clear goal, it is still tentative until the registration is made and the tickets are purchased.

Perhaps it is strange to say, but I crave knowing where I really stand compared with others of my level and how much more work I need to do.  I am preparing for my next medal test, but it is not really the same as a competition.  There is something about the competitive spirit and preparations that helps drive me forward. Knowing that my competitors are working just as hard as I am right now makes me want to work harder.

At my last ‘real’ competition, I really felt that I had begun to come into my own in establishing my own dance ‘style’.  I lost some of that through my illness just from the sheer fatigue and weakness I have experienced.  As I journeyed through my illness, my focus changed to making sure I got through all my treatments and keeping myself dancing–giving myself a regular place to escape to and forget all that I was dealing with.

But now I am back–and I hope for a long while.  I want to work to develop my dance ‘identity’ and style again.  When I see myself as a dancer, I see someone who is strong, precise and enduring.  I am not a ‘fun’, ‘cute’ or even ‘sexy’ dancer.  I am fierce, passionate and technical.  That is what I truly want to be again.  It took a lot of time and work before I got sick to start to develop that style, and I am hoping it won’t take as much time and work to recapture it.

When I look at the way forward for me, I know that I need to work to be the dancer I truly am again and I need to give myself the time to recapture that.  Next week will be a little disjointed as I am not yet ready to return to regular practice and I don’t know how many lessons I will have because of the holiday and Boss’s schedule.  Part of me just wants to get back on the floor as much as possible, but the other part knows I have to be patient and give my recovery time.

I will admit that in one area I do feel a profound sense of frustration.  When I look at the different competitions I want to do, the biggest obstacle is not my health, or time or the amount of work I do, it’s budget.  Unfortunately, I don’t live in a place where competitions are easy to get to, or even happen all that often.  The few competitions that are here have almost no competitors, so not worth the expense to go.  I want to compete more, but for now it just isn’t financially possible.  I think I feel this most when considering doing open smooth and finding there is not enough time and I just cannot afford the lessons to truly develop the routines I need to in order to compete.

I will admit to being torn.  I enjoy a lot the freedom of pro/am–I get to work on what I want, practice on my own, pursue goals that are truly my own and not have to really worry about someone else’s dancing.  I know Boss will be able to match me and beyond in anything I do.  But if I had a partner the costs would be decreased exponentially.  All of which is a moot point as there are no men in my area even close to my age interested in pursuing dance–I know, I have looked.  Sad as it sounds, Boss is the youngest male dancer I know–by more than a decade–and he is only 10 months younger than me.

I am a firm believer in fate and karma though.  I hope I have sown enough seeds of good karma to help me see this through, and if it is my fate to truly do well at this then life will find a way.  I have been blessed many times in my life that things have worked out unexpectedly, even if I had to work very hard to get there.

All this to say that as I continue on my recovery, I am starting to rediscover pieces of the dancer I was before I got sick and life took me in a whole new direction.  I am finding pieces that thankfully, until recently, I didn’t really know were missing.

Now I just have to figure out where they fit.

Revising silver

It was an easier lesson today.

We started by Boss making the modifications to 3 of my standard routines to make them acceptable for my silver test by strictly adhering to the syllabus and the prescribed sequence of steps.

Thankfully, at least so far, there aren’t a lot of changes needed although I did need to learn a couple new steps in tango and quickstep, so that was interesting.  I imagine we will probably look at the latin routines next.  He does expect to need more changes in latin, especially in my cha cha routine.

After looking at the routines and trying them, we worked more on standard frame, especially practicing getting into position.  It came easier today and even moving was easier, so I see that as a big step forward.  At the end of the lesson we even did some pivots, and in the end I really understood what I need to do–including moving–I thought we were supposed to stay static!

I am looking forward to working more on it.  I am enjoying the moving into full position and pivots.  We also started working on some footwork, and that is the only exercise I have right now–time to build some new muscle memory!  It’s a static exercise, so not too hard, and something I need to do slow.  Gives me a little goal for now.

Next week is going to be tricky to fit in my lessons–Monday is a holiday, Wednesday is no issue, but Boss is not available outside of my work hours on Friday, so if I would like to have a second lesson, it will likely need to be Thursday.  The issue is I am not sure I am ready to dance two days in a row without giving my body time to recover in between.  I was definitely quite worn out and tired yesterday after my lesson on Wednesday.  It’s something to consider for sure.  After that, I have only 1 week before Boss goes away on vacation until almost the end of June, so I will be left to practice on my own.

Since I will be at the same incorporating some of my other weight training exercises, the break is rather timely.  It gives me a chance to build in the weight training activity and some practices before adding in regular lessons.  Allows me a regular build to my activity.

First week of part time work is done!  Really glad to have it over, but still proud to get through it.

Another return

I think I am getting to be a bit of a pro at coming back.

Today was my first lesson back. And it was hard and rough.

I am not sure why, but of everything I have done, recovering from this surgery seems to be the hardest.  I am more tired than I have experienced before.

I almost cancelled my lesson, but decided that I just needed to get back on the horse.  It takes 2 weeks to acclimate to a new schedule and activity (approximately), and I am starting slow. But the sooner I get that 2 weeks started, the sooner I can hopefully adapt.

It wasn’t an intense lesson.  Boss is of course very mindful that I am still recovering, and I had told him ahead of time that I was pretty tired.  I wasn’t sore though from the day, so I wanted to work through the fatigue.

We started by just dancing. Boss decided to run through all my routines just to review them and to get an idea of where I am.  I completely agreed this was a good idea.

We weren’t pushing things or even doing full frame to start out in standard.  Just after we started running through the waltz, I had to stop just to collect myself.  I wasn’t quite prepared for how different my belly would feel compared to before.  Now it is much tighter since my outer and inner abdominal walls just below my belly button are stitched together.  I was getting a lot of stretching and pulling I wasn’t used to. It wasn’t painful, just unusual.

Once we started again, I felt better.  As we worked through the routines, we were able to move more into closed position, although very basically.  Then the endurance issues started to kick in.  When we finished the QuickStep, I had to sit for a little bit because I thought I might be sick.  Once I recovered, we continued through to latin and again by the time we got to jive I was struggling and feeling ill, so I sat out again for a little bit.  It also spoke to my fatigue that the more routines we did, the more I was forgetting steps–to the point I couldn’t seem to get through the ‘mooch’ in my jive with the right timing.

But in the end, I did get through them all.  It certainly wasn’t full-on dancing, but at least it was a start.  Nothing hurt unreasonably, and the most I could say I was feeling was a burning sensation through my abdomen.

Despite the issues, Boss commented on two good things he noticed–first that my standard frame was much stronger than before, and second that I was slowly using the ‘push-pull’ for lead and follow in latin making us better connected through the steps in general, and showing progress in my understanding of how that works.

After running through the routines, we worked on standard some. Boss showed me a small exercise he would like me to do to change slightly how I move in standard, or begin to move and then he asked what would be easier to work on–samba or standard.

I chose standard because it seemed easier to hold my core and stretch than to try to continually move it.  The jury is still out on whether that was the right decision.

We practiced getting into full hold.  It was interesting because Boss changed how we do it a little.  First we slowed it down to take the time to get into hold slowly.  Then we broke it down into 3 parts working together–first I take his left hand, then I move in and make contact with his thighs, placing my left arm to make an ‘x’ with his right arm at his elbow.  Then as he straightens up, I stretch out to the left and bend my arm at the elbow to put my hand on his left bicep.  It’s a similar position to what I was doing before, but just different and more segregated steps to get into it.

The one thing I did notice right away is that my pelvis is much more forward and my headweight is now very much over my heels (where it should be).  I also found myself to be experiencing some new stretching sensations through my abdomen and back.

After we practiced getting into position a few times, we did some movement with me just following what boss did, including doing some CBM.  The CBM was tricky, but I did get it in the end and Boss seemed to be really happy with how things were going and looking.  I could definitely feel my core shaking though as I was working to hold my position and I think Boss could too.  Interestingly, we ended by doing some pivots because I think Boss just wanted to see what I would do.  I have done them before, and had a general idea but was being a little tentative.  We are going to work more on them though, so I am looking forward to that as it they will help with all my turns and spins in standard.

I got through the lesson and didn’t feel too bad in the end.  I made notes in my ‘Book of Positives’, starting a new chapter, and could feel myself starting to ‘crash’. It’s going to be early to bed tonight for sure.  Now that I have been sitting some, I can tell I have some swelling, and there is a strong ache in my abdomen.  I am hoping both will subside by tomorrow with some anti-inflammatories.

My next lesson will be on Friday and Boss told me we are going to start doing the routines for my Silver test in August as my current competitive routines don’t follow the strict sequence of steps expected for the test.  For the test, certain steps can only be preceded or followed by certain other steps, and some of my routines don’t follow that order.

No practice this week as it is my first week back and my first week back at work.  I don’t think I will be adding practice next week either, but I have a plan for slowly building all my activities with a goal to getting there by the end of July, barring any issues with hormone therapy.

Either way, it’s good to be returning again, and back on the floor.

Taking Stock

Today was my first day back at work.

At least a 1/2 day anyway.  It will be 1/2 days for a little while.

Going back has made me a little introspective.  I am looking back over the last 18 months and I am taking stock of everything that has changed and looking to the future in a way I haven’t been able to since I got sick.

Work today left me a little more sore and tired than I expected, but overall it wasn’t too bad. I return to dance on Wednesday and while I am looking forward to it on one hand, on the other I am nervous.

It’s only been 3 weeks since my last surgery, although it does seem like it’s been much longer.  Last Friday I was able to sit down with Boss and do some planning and goal setting.  For the first time in a long time I am able to get back to focusing on competing.

The first goal will be to do my silver test in standard and latin.  That is going to require some new routines, but I am not too worried about those.  The exciting thing Boss told me was that the plan for my next competition, hopefully this fall, is to compete in both silver and gold–and that means adding gold steps to my silver routines.  We are also going to do a 3rd variation to the routines to make them more ‘open silver’–which is really getting outside the box.

That’s a big step forward, or a least a big sign of going forward. Boss also told me he is going to make changes to how I do exercises–less drilling of technique and more incorporating the technique I know into the steps I do.  I don’t know why, but I am a little nervous about that, although probably it is just because it’s a change.

I actually like drilling, so moving away from that is a big change for me.  I told Boss that I would do my best to try everything his way until the end of July, but if I found it wasn’t working for me, after that I would ask to go back.  I guess we will see how it goes.

We haven’t really nailed down goals for each style yet as neither of us knows where I am physically.  The main thing Boss told me was that we are going to focus on samba in Latin and it seems footwork in Standard.  He also told me that a lot of what we are going to work on is going to require going over stuff together again and again in lessons.  One of the big things I think will be increasing the use of lead/follow in latin–something I certainly can’t practice on my own.

As far as general goals, I told Boss I want to work on doing everything fully.  It might sound strange but some of the things I have done recently and watched have made me realize how much I hold myself back when I dance.  I don’t often take risks.  I am very happy within my own small box being careful and precise and relying on myself.

So it will be interesting to see what Boss does with that.

Wednesday will be a lesson of trial and adjustment I think.  I don’t know how much I will be able to do and how sore I will be doing it.  I have tried a few things like latin rocks at home and found that I have very low endurance in my core and tire out very quickly.

In general though, there are three traits of my dancing I am looking forward to getting back–my power, endurance and precision. All were things I knew I could count on in the past and were areas that I felt defined me a little as a dancer.  I am not a ‘cute’ or ‘sexy’ or ‘sleek’ dancer.  I am a strong, powerful one.

Or at least I was and hope to be again.

Who’s excited for Blackpool???

Dance Diaries: Learning Ballroom Dance Review

Hi all,

I have been doing some reading lately, and if you haven’t checked it out already, I recommend you check out Dance Diaries: Learning Ballroom Dance by The Girl with the Tree Tattoo.

If you are new to dance, or thinking about giving it a try, The Girl provides a very honest overview of what to expect.  The bonus–she does it from the perspective of a pro/am student, which is very different from taking lessons as part of an amateur couple.

As a pro/am student myself, there are a lot of things I wish I had known before venturing into the pro/am world–like that pro/am is a possibility and you don’t need a partner to dance or compete!  The Girl answers those questions with a good dose of reality using her own experiences as examples which keeps the reading light and easy to process.

The Girl covers a wide range of topics which include things like choosing a studio, group classes, private lessons and the difficulties of navigating the pro/am relationship.  It’s a great reference for anyone who would like to know more about the world of dance.

The Girl is currently working on a new e-book and I for one cannot wait to see what tips she comes up with next!

Big thanks to the Girl!

Coming Back

It’s been a pretty interesting day and week.

I am continuing to recover from surgery and everything seems to be going well.  There is no fluid collection and my drain and stitches are gone.  My incision is almost healed and the drain hole is slowly coming (it’s slow being in the crease between my thigh and belly).

In fact, things are going so well that when I saw the surgeon today he gave me his blessing to go back to all activities including dance in another week!

So now I am going to be returning to dance AND going back to work 1/2 days all at the same time.  I really feel up to the challenge and am looking forward to it.

I will do at least 2 weeks of half days then the doctor will reassess and decide how to proceed from there.  As I will be close to potentially restarting HT again (or have started) when I see him, I expect that 1/2 days will continue a little longer until we know how and if I will adjust to the HT.

I am still quite swollen through my hips and lower belly to the point it’s uncomfortable to wear pants or anything constrictive around my legs for a long period of time.  Part of that though is the wounds from the stitches and drain holes.  The swelling should start to go down in a couple weeks and I seem to lose about 1-2 lbs in inflammation a day (I gained more than 10 lbs after the surgery from what I weighed during my intake to the surgical ward).  Another 5 lbs should put me back to the weight I was before the surgery and will be a sign the swelling is down.  I remember from my first lumpectomy that it took about 6 weeks before my ‘girl’ lost it’s swelling and was suddenly half the size of the other one, so I am not surprised.  I did manage to go most of today without pain meds with a lot of running around so yay me!

I will see the surgeon next in September to see where I am at and reassess.  We will discuss another revision surgery to reconstruct my nipples, downsize my breasts and see if there is anything that can be done about how my belly looks like a permanent mushroom.  That gives me a good goal until then to work on losing my chemo weight and rebuild some of my strength, tone and muscles to give the best picture going forward.

My small victory for this week was that I found a pair of work pants that will fit over my swollen hips, so I should be ok to go back to work in uniform–which is very important to me.  I meet with the return-to-work coordinator next week to discuss how the program will work.

I am not really sure what I will be working on when I return to dance.  I still have to go slow, so I won’t be doing much extra practice for the first little while, and then Boss is away on vacation until almost end June, so there will be no lessons.  Boss and I do seem to be on the same page that now is the time to start moving things forward and focus in on things.  This is the first time in more than 18 months I am able to go into dance and not have a limit on how long I can work on things before I have to take a break for medical reasons.  And there is nothing for me to do now but get stronger.  Boss and I are hopefully going to have a planning session next week.

For the first time in a long time I feel genuinely positive about the future long term.  It’s nice not to have anything looming on the horizon.

Liebster Award

I was nominated for the Liebster Award by But Why? Thank you!

Liebster Award - Discover New Blogs!

What is the Liebster Award?

In essence, the Liebster Award is a chain letter for bloggers, but unlike its email counterparts, it serves a purpose: the award promotes new blogs (and therefore helps readers discover them). I know it’s a little silly, but it’s an honour to be recognized and I hope others will appreciate the recognition too.

The rules are as follows:

Six Rules of the Liebster Award

11 Questions given to me:

  1. How long have you been blogging for? Almost a year
  2. Why did you start blogging? I needed an outlet for everything I was going through with my cancer treatments and dance and blogging seemed like a good idea.
  3. What do you do to relax? Dance, write, drive, listen to music, dance some more!
  4. What’s your favorite travel destination? Europe. I love the history over there and hope to explore more!
  5. Do you prefer physical books or e-books? I was a diehard physical book snob–until someone gave me an e-reader and I realized I could take 100 books with me without all the extra weight.  Guess that makes me a convert!
  6. Did you ever do those chain letter emails?😉 Very rarely, but sometimes something will catch my attention!
  7. What do you do when you have writer’s block? Dance–it like meditation to help me work through things! If that isn’t working I drive and listen to music to think things through.
  8. Who is your favorite author? There are too many good ones to have a favourite and my tastes are so diverse!
  9. What about your favorite genre? I read a little bit of everything–mystery, fiction, suspense, thriller, fantasy, historical–I can’t say I have a favourite!
  10. What do you prefer to write? (Fiction, poetry, personal essay, articles, etc.) Lately, it’s my blog.  I also enjoy writing feature articles for the newspaper for work because I get to learn about so many interesting things!
  11. What are you most passionate about? Definitely Dance!  If you asked me that 5 years ago I would have said something different but dance has really become one of the most important part of my life!

Eleven Random Facts

I have two cats who are siblings and look nothing alike.  I have a music education degree and taught in public school for 3 years before deciding to pursue my current career.  I am an officer in the Canadian Armed Forces.  I knit, crochet and do cross-stitch regularly.  I have never lived anywhere more than 6 years in a row, but most of my life has been spent on the east coast of Canada.  I studied theatre in university and used to act in plays and musicals regularly.  I showed rabbits and guinea pigs growing up and my family raised rabbits for meat. I was a public speaking champion in high school.  I was runner up and Miss Congeniality in a ‘Miss Teen’ pageant in 1996.  I have 2 sisters, one who is a veterinarian and the other has Multiple Sclerosis and works part-time.  Both of my parents were/are in the military–my mother is a retired reservist and my father is retired from the regular force and still serving as a reservist.

My Nominations

I decided to nominate fellow members from the ballroom village who have also supported me and are sharing similar inspiring journeys. I’ve nominated the following bloggers if, and only if, they are interested:

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    11. http://www.ballroommadesimple.com/blo/

Your questions are as follows:

  1. How long have you been blogging for?
  2. Why did you start blogging?
  3. What do you do to relax?
  4. What’s your favourite dance style to dance?
  5. What’s your favourite dance style to watch?
  6. Why did you start dancing?
  7. What do you find most challenging about dance?
  8. What do you do besides dance?
  9. How long have you been dancing?
  10. Who are your favourite dancers to watch?
  11. What are you most passionate about?

Again, thanks so much to my nominator! This award is a great way to connect with other bloggers and create something like a community, in which we all help and support one another.