Emerald Ball

No, I am not competing, but I have been following the live stream closely.

I watched this competition last year as well thinking that this year I would be there on the floor.  Well, not quite, but here’s hoping next year will work out for me.

What I love about this competition is the size of it.  There are semi finals in some single dances and scholarships have quarter-finals–even in my age categories.  We don’t come even remotely close to that here.  It’s a competition where I feel I would really be testing my skills against some of the strongest pro/am dancers out there.

There is also a great variety in multi-dance options, including 6-dance competitions and 10-dance competitions, something else that is very hard to find at most competitions.

I loved watching the Pro Rising Star last night and one of my favourite Canadian couples placed 2nd!!  Congratulations to Ilya and Polina from Ottawa!

I have to confess that I am definitely watching the heats where I would be competing and wondering how I place.  It’s really hard to tell right now because everything is so very in flux for me.

I seem to be healing well, but at the same time it’s a little more difficult than my last surgery.  My drain is causing me a lot more pain, but it’s located just above my left hip flexor so gets compressed when I sit.  Both the drain and stitches won’t be removed until next Thursday and I am definitely looking forward to that.

I am really bruised right now too from the liposuction and very swollen.  It will take about 4 weeks for the swelling to go down around that.  Also, the way my belly is stitched, I have serious doubts that things will be able to ‘even out’, and I am worried I will keep my ‘toadstool’ shape with a big upper belly and non-existent lower belly.  Something to ask the surgeon about I guess.  Hopefully that can be fixed when he fixes my chest after I lose some more weight.

Still 5 weeks until I can dance again, although right now I honestly can’t imagine it because I am so sore.  Boss is away almost right after I am able to return so that will also be a bit of a break.  I am ok with that as in the meantime I hope to slowly start back to work, and after May 26th the plan is to try the hormone therapy at half dose again and I don’t want too much going on while I try that.

I have a new family doctor I see today as my other one just had a baby.  I know the new doctor because he is also a dancer.  That is a little awkward, but perhaps it will also be an advantage as he will understand some of the challenges dance presents.  I expect my sick leave will be extended another 30 days, but I sincerely hope this will be the last time.  I am so eager to get back to working again.

Well, back to watching Emerald and recovering. I will say that I definitely feel better in general after this last surgery. Like finally there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I am fully ready to start getting back to aspects of my old life like work, regular dance, strength training, etc.  Just waiting to heal up that much, but already have a good plan for building back to where I was.  I might even take some group classes to help with endurance and transition.  We will see.  5 weeks to go.


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