Just wanted to drop a quick note to say things went ok.

I am home now and resting.  I am experiencing more pain with this surgery, but managing it best I  can. I have 1 drain which I hope not too have too long.

The surgeon was able to remove the seroma capsule, which I was told held more than 1 litre of fluid.  He stitched the pocket closed.  It’s a little strange because now my lower belly is non-existent, but I still have a chubby upper belly.  So right now I have the mother of all muffin tops.  I was told it will ‘even’ itself out as I heal and once the bandage is removed.

The surgeon was also able to do some liposuction of the dog ears and just above on my hips.  It’s left some pretty colourful bruising that is probably going to get more interesting as it heals.

With everything swollen right now, it is hard to tell what the final results will be.  I have to call my surgeon’s office on Monday to schedule a follow-up.

I am not able to really stand up straight right now due to pain, but I am sure it will come as I heal.  My pants will definitely fit again 🙂


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