Dress fitting!

Yes, finally I am able to start moving forward on getting new dresses!

Today was my first fitting for my standard dress (‘Emerald Wine’).  It wasn’t much, mainly the body suit and under-dress, but it was still really exciting!  I could start to see how it is going to come together.

My surgery next week is going to delay fittings for a little while, but that’s okay.  I won’t be competing for quite a while and that gives us time to make sure we do exactly what we want.

We also redesigned the latin dress a little (‘Ocean Sunset’) and the new design is completely speaking to me and the dress designer.  It takes elements from the standard dress and adds a latin flavour.

It’s been so long since I have had new dresses and done fittings that it is so easy to get excited.  It’s like we are creating 3 new looks and my dresses are certainly going to be different from others I have seen around here.

It’s nice to have something so tangible to look forward to.  I can’t wait for my next fitting!


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