Leaning tower

That was a bit of a surprise to my last lesson.

Let me explain.  We have been working on my rumba solo and making little tweaks here and there.  There are two points where the music comes to a bit of a climax and at both points I do a similar lunging type move.

I had a weird dream the night before my lesson and in it we were doing the rumba and at the second climax instead of a lunge, I did a lean away from Boss-just to do something different.

When I got to my lesson, I decided to mention it to Boss on the off chance he might like it.  Not only did he like it, he was really enthusiastic about it and we spent more than half of my lesson working on it to try and get it right.

One of the most interesting things to come out of that was Boss’s surprise not only that I could do the lean, but also how well I could control it.  It did take some trial and error to find the point I could lean without Boss sliding along the floor (I have about 60 lbs on him right now), and then because this happens over almost 2 bars it needed a little bit of controlled movement to make it flow and to come out of it.

I actually like surprising Boss a little bit with things like this, but I will say it always surprises me when he accepts and idea I present and decides to work with it.  A year ago, he was much much less open to any suggestions I might have.

I like the way this lean goes.  I am not only leaning away from Boss, but then I have to stretch my upper body up and back towards him.  I have to remember to become a leaning tower, and not to let myself sink by bending my knees.  In fact when I get into the lean initially, I have to remind myself to go ‘up’ to make the line work.  It’s a tricky move because I have to get into it coming out of syncopated swivels, but it looks really cool!

Next week we should be at the point where we can just run through the solo from top to bottom over and over.  We have one small issue in that there is an extra bar at the end because I am able to turn much faster now than before, so we need to fill that time, but we will work that out on Monday.

The plan for next week is to alternate between running through the solo and working on reviewing my open smooth routines because on Friday I am going to be working with a coach who is a former smooth champion!  I can’t wait for those lessons!

Hard to imagine it is less that 1 week before the performance.


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