Blast from the past

This has been a busy week and things are now going in a different direction than they were at my last post.

We aren’t going to do a mambo at the competition in a few weeks, we are going to do the ‘fight song’ rumba now.

It was unexpected, but circumstances beyond mine or Boss’s control meant that he wouldn’t have the time to put into doing the choreography for the mambo to the level he would want to do with me.  He had a plan on Monday for when he would sit down and work out the routine and all he wanted to do, but as I said, things went sideways and he didn’t get the chance.  He even had to move one of my lessons.

The mambo is not dead, it is just being shelved for a while and both Boss and I agree on that.  It will probably be the performance piece for my next showcase opportunity, whenever that might be.  It is still something to look forward to, and I am sure the ‘mambo monster’ will come out again.

Doing the rumba turns out to be a good compromise.  At my lesson yesterday, we tried to run through it a few times to see much work it needs to bring it back to performance level, and it turned out to be not as bad as we both thought.  There are some parts we both had forgotten, but reviewing the video helped bring them back.

In fact, it is in a good enough place that Boss doesn’t feel it is necessary to devote all my lesson time to it right now, and when we do work on it, we are able to ‘play’ around with it some and add in the progress I have made in latin since the fall.  One area in particular that I can tell is quite different from before is I am able to do things faster now, there are more hips and my spins are more confident.

During my lesson today, we spent the first half reviewing the rumba walks, which seem to be coming along really good according to Boss, and then he surprised me by deciding teach me cruzado walks in samba.  I think he even surprised himself as his first plan was to work on bota fogos and voltas.  Cruzado walks are a gold step in samba and similar to rumba walks, but yet different enough that I have to make sure I am not doing one for the other.  The big difference I noticed is using the samba ‘bounce’ through the pelvis and knees to generate and move through the steps instead of the settling of the hip.

We didn’t spend too much time on it, but we did enough I can tell my mind is working on processing it, so I am eager to see how it goes next time.

In the solo, we focused on sorting out some of the parts that we didn’t remember as well and working on adding sharpness to the movements, speed to the spins, and incorporating the additional body movement I have learned since after my surgery.  It was fun to be able to dig into some details we weren’t able to get to before, and we were able to go from start to finish with only one major gap.

I didn’t practice in today because I am having some trouble with my right glute and want to give is a good rest before putting it back to work.  I over-stretched it doing the splits on Monday, but it felt fine Tuesday.  I did strength training Tuesday and when I work up on Wednesday it was clearly pissed off again.  It feels like it has tied itself up in a giant knot.  It hasn’t worked itself out since and was quite uncomfortable last night so I have been trying to work it out with a foam roller and heat and anti-inflammatories.  It is doing better today, but still quite tight, so I am giving it a rest as I hope to be able to get back to strength training tomorrow.

I will say that having a sore glute is one of the most annoying things I have encountered–it is literally a ‘pain in the ass’.