I’ve unleashed a monster…

A mambo monster apparently….

I should have known things were going to get interesting when I saw Boss yesterday and he made an quick remark about our mambo that ‘we are going to have fun with that’.

Oh yes, he is definitely having fun.

It’s good to see, actually.  It’s been a while since I have seen him so excited about something.  Today was more or less about trying some different ideas he had to see if I could do them and how they looked.

It seems this is going to be a bit of a samba inspired mambo.  Boss has taken some of my trickiest moves in samba, dressed them up, and adapted them to mambo speed and timing.  The result is a little insane–but I am thrilled I can keep up!

We even tried some natural rolls today, although I cannot imagine what they will be like at mambo speed.  I have discovered why rolls are considered so tricky–you basically lean as far forward as your core will support, then as far over backward–but you are doing this while in closed position with your partner, moving and turning all at the same time.  And now we are going to do them at mambo speed with mambo timing!

I spent a lot of time today spinning and twisting to say the least.  Boss has us doing some side-by-side stuff, including a triple spin (at least I hope it will be!).  We were working through one part where I am basically doing a grapevine–except that I am doing it with hip twists into a lunge.  I had no idea I could twist my hips that fast.

Boss is definitely capitalizing on my speed and strength in this routine.  At one point today he told me he plans to even speed up the music a little because ‘the speed it is now is for people in their 60s…but we are not in our 60s, we are in our 30s, so we have to do faster’.

He is certainly being more ambitious with this routine than any other–and we only have 3 weeks to put it all together!  Needless to say, I am going to be doing 3 lessons/week until the competition.

Boss has also given me a challenge (as though the spinning and twisting is not enough!).  At the beginning of the solo, it seems that each of us will be on our own.  Boss has asked me to do some googling of some latin solos of pro couples to get an idea of some moves that I like and can do at the beginning of the routine.  I am not even really sure where to start!

I think the trickiest part of that challenge is actually that more pro ladies are very tiny, so it is hard to imagine what something that looks good when they do it will look like on my more curvy body.  I will see what I find though–it’s very rare for Boss to give me basically carte blanche to suggest what I want to do.

We also decided today that I am going to wear a fringe dress for this solo–so my other challenge is to find a basic black dress that we can add coloured fringe to.  I am thinking a black bodysuit with a latin skirt might be the way to do for that.  I can already see the fringe moving as I twist and spin in my mind though!

So I guess I have lots to do before Wednesday–practicing my rolls, finding some choreography and a base for my dress.  If you need me, I will be googling and hoping the mambo monster doesn’t speed things up too much 🙂


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