That ‘sinking’ feeling

That was a big focus for today–or rather trying to keep me from doing that in latin.

It seems that when I ‘settle’ into my hip I have been allowing myself to collapse a little and not stay standing tall with my weight forward.  Boss spent quite a bit of time with me today to try and figure out what was going on and trying to get me to recognize when I do it.  Once I got into my head what the difference is, it made a huge difference!

The interesting thing about this is that once I started to focus on making sure that I keep my upper body ‘up’ in latin I could instantly feel my upper ab muscles start to work with the rest of my body to move me.  I am not sure why, but that really surprised me.  Once I got used to it, everything seemed to make better sense.

The strange side effect I have to work on from this is that when I keep my upper body up, for some reason I don’t want to bend my legs now as I move them from position to position.  Always something to work on :).

We also finished going through my waltz routine in slow pieces today.  Now I just have to remember everything when working on my own, and when everything is in time with the music–not asking much!!  It’s good to get through it though.  I find that exercise and way of working through the routines really helpful because when it is broken down so much slowly because my mind tends to just absorb everything like a sponge.  I am curious to see what effect that has on the routine at speed.

One thing I am really enjoying right now is the consistency of how we are working, and being able to feel myself get just a little bit of a better understanding each time we  repeat something.  Case in point–we have been doing the ‘diamond’ CBMP exercise I mentioned earlier pretty much since I started back to dance.  Today I realized that my body is starting to make the right adaptations to all the changes in direction on it’s own and my mind has almost grasped the sensations of stretching and opposition needed for it.

Dance has actually been a little tricky this week on top of my return to strength training.  It’s hard to work on legs that are all jelly from squats!!  My body will adjust though in a couple weeks so I just need to keep being consistent right now.  I decided to make strength training days Sat, Mon, Wed to let my Friday lesson be a little easier and to space out the training with my exercises, which are Mon, Wed, Fri.  Best thing about the return to weight training–I have slept really really well all week!

The surgery to fix my belly is booked for April 22.  It’s a day procedure so it looks like no hospital stay this time, which is nice.  I just want to get it over with and hopefully get onto the final stage of healing!