Latin dress

Not much to say today, so just a quick one.

The highlight of my day was redesigning my latin dress with my dressmaker to make the design so it is better able to highlight my ‘ass’ets.  We came up with a much better design than we had previously and I am really excited about it now.

The design is with Boss now to get his comments and thoughts and some sort of approval.  The approval isn’t necessary, but it does make for a better working relationship when he feels he has some input and control over what I wear.  He did help with the original design for the dress, and we do have to dance together so his opinion is valid and helpful usually.  Where we tend to disagree is usually on colours, but since the fabrics are already bought, that isn’t an issue this time.

I am a little curious to see what he has to say and hope he gets back to us soon.  He mentioned he also wants to look again at the design for my standard and smooth dresses, so it should be interesting to see what he wants to change about them.

The main thing is that the dresses are starting to finally come together after more than a year of waiting!

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