Samba spins

That was the theme of tonight’s lesson.

At least the main part of it.  I seemed to have spent a lot of time working on the 3-step spins tonight.  At least enough to tire myself out.

I seem to be fighting a cold as my nose is running and my throat is raw and I have had a headache all day, so that didn’t make for the best lesson tonight.  In fact, Boss even suggested shortening my lessons to 45 mins each for the next couple weeks because he could see I was pretty exhausted.

Not sure what is going to happen with that.  I don’t want one bad lesson to prompt changes to all my lessons.

On top of the tiredness, my feet were being obnoxious during my lesson too and Boss noted I was having to stop doing things to shake them out and give them a break.  He suggested I go back to wearing my lower practice shoes for lessons.  Again, I am reluctant to do that because it seems to be babying my feet a little.  The were good both Wednesday and Friday last week and even during my practice tonight they settled down.  They just seemed upset with my lesson for some reason, even though we weren’t doing much different from usual.

But back to the spins.  Perhaps it just wasn’t my night, but my body didn’t really want to do them tonight.  The 3-step turns consists of stepping, turning, stepping, tapping, then repeating to the other direction.  It used to be a regular exercise I did.  The focus tonight was in samba, where I do the turn as part of ‘rolling off the arm’ after doing a whisk.  So I do a whisk to the right, do a 3-step turn to the left to roll towards Boss, then do a 3 step turn back to the right away from Boss.  The whole step ends with a 1.5 spin to facing LOD.

What I have been missing from this sequence was the step with the tap on each side, so tonight we worked a little on trying to add that in.  I am not sure Boss was completely aware that at least to the left I usually didn’t really do the tap, but it was pretty obvious tonight I wasn’t doing it.  The lesson evolved from trying to get me to do the step right together to me practicing 3-step turns on my own (and still not getting them right).

I could tell Boss was a bit frustrated tonight as he eventually switched from working on latin to standard, and then declared me ‘done’, and started talking about reducing lessons and using different shoes.  He said he wants to work on things that will be intense for my feet over the next few lessons and is worried they won’t hold up.

I still think my feet were just being difficult tonight.  They seemed to be more an issue for him than me.  I feel bad though that his plan for my lesson got thrown off track because my body just didn’t want to cooperate.

I am hoping he will just accept it as a bad night and wait until at least Wednesday or Friday to decide whether to make changes.  Bad days are going to happen now and then.

I haven’t heard from the hospital yet about getting the new drain put in.  My belly is still full of fluid, but for now I am managing.  It is going up and down, but never really goes away enough I don’t notice it.

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