The beginning of the slow return

That’s right! I got permission to try my ballet exercises and arm endurance exercises yesterday.

It took until today for me to work up the nerve to try though.

It was…strange.  My centre of gravity has definitely moved.  I feel shorter somehow because my ‘centre’ is now closer to my hips instead of above my belly button.

My right side was tight doing the exercises, which is unusual for me, but that might actually be a good thing because it is easier to control.

My back tendues actually seemed to feel better, but it is hard to tell, since it has been since the end of September that I have done them.

It didn’t hurt, but it did burn a little towards the end.  I am only allowed to do 10 in each direction on each side.

My arm exercises weren’t too bad–considering I am starting with only 2 mins of hold at a time and I was doing over 3 mins.

I have a feeling I will be pretty sore tomorrow through my upper back from using muscles in a way I haven’t used them in quite some time.

Now I have to wait and see how much I fill up with fluid and swell from my small effort (which is normal).  I was told to watch out for fluid that my body doesn’t reabsorb, if my belly swells and feels hard.

Overall, at least today, it is good to be able to at least do something other than sit and wait.  The weather has been too rainy, windy and wet to get out for a lot of walking.

I am waiting to see what tomorrow brings.

The healing continues, although my belly button and left side of my belly incision seems a little indecisive about what it is doing.  I still see the nurse every day to monitor, clean and treat the open areas.

It’s progress…much better than nothing!

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