3 weeks

Since the surgery.

I am starting to get a bit frustrated, but trying to keep it in check.

I have one spot that is now obviously going to take a long time to heal.  I have to see the health nurse every day to keep an eye on it, clean it, dress it and make sure it keeps progressing.  It’s tiring to have to go every day, but I would rather have someone keep an eye on it than have to guess myself.  It’s an area about 2 inches that needs to close and in a spot that will mean I will have to limit my activity until it does.

That said, the last of my drains came out as scheduled on Monday and it made a whole bunch of difference to how I feel overall.  Except at night I am off of heavy pain killers, and only using regular ibuprofen and tylenol during the day. I am able to drive again which gives me more freedom.

I can tell I am able to move a little bit better, and I have been doing some walking.  My belly swells up late in the day, but that is normal for now.  My range of motion of my arms is quite good–I can put my hands up over my head and it only gets tight if I try to stretch a little while standing (which I am not doing yet).  Monday I see my family doctor so hopefully I will be able to be referred to phsyio to start that side of things.

I also see my Surgeon on Monday, and he will make a decision about the open area–whether to leave it to nature or to stitch it closed.  I also hope he will allow me to go back to doing my tendue ballet exercises since they are mainly about stability and posture and not a lot of moving.  I also hope he will let me start rebuilding my arm endurance.  But we will see…

I think being able to do something other than just sitting or small walks will help me overall.  The back pain from breathing finally worked itself out since I have been able to sleep and sit in different positions with the drains out.

Overall, things are moving forward and every day is a little better.  Fingers crossed it keeps going.


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