Rough day

But moving forward again.

Yesterday after being out I noticed some stains on my shirt so I investigated the source and found a small open spot under my left noob.

To top that off, I woke up with intense pain through my side when I breathed deep.

So off to the emergency department I went (since, of course, it is Saturday).

Thankfully, there was nothing serious–but they checked everything to be sure.

I saw the on-call plastic surgeon to look at the open wound and he bandaged it with a lot of polysporin and told me to do the same for the next few days to encourage it to heal.

For the pain in my side, they did a chest x-ray and CT scan of my chest to make sure there were no blood clots.  Thankfully, everything was clear, but my lungs are still partially collapsed at the bottom from the surgery and that is the source of the pain.  I was given a sprirometre and told to increase my pain meds a bit over the next couple days until the pain (which is my diaphragm working hard) goes away.  I have to do some deep breathing every 3 hours or so.

One of the drains seems to be slowing down, the other suddenly opened like a faucet.  The doctor noticed and said I am just draining a seroma (pocket of fluid) and it should slow down in a few days.  They also changed the padding over my belly and cleaned up the belly incision some.  The good news is that the belly incision and belly button is looking really good.

Yesterday, my mom and I worked out a way to wash my hair without getting my bandages wet, so that felt good to get done.  Tonight I am going to take the plunge and try sleeping in my own bed.  I have to be a little careful because when they laid me flat at the hospital I had trouble catching my breath.  Once I relaxed I was ok.  My body just isn’t used to being flat anymore.

Hopefully sleeping in my bed works out.  I think I need it.

My next appointment with my plastic surgeon is next Thursday.  I am hopeful at least one, if not both drains might be able to come out.  I think I need that freedom (and ability to shower!).

Today was a really rough day.  Everything seemed to be all hitting me at once.  It’s usual to get emotional 10 days after surgery, but I hear the ‘turning point’ for most people is 3 weeks.

I am looking forward to that.


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