1 week out

I made it 1 week. 7 more until I can dance.

I got 2 of my 4 drains out today, but I still have all the padding around my belly, so still no showers, only sponge baths for me.

My mom arrived safe and sound and has been helping me out.

I managed to get out today not only for my appointment but also for a meeting.  It was tiring, but not too bad.  I am a little more sore today, but probably it is the extra activity.  I have 2 meetings tomorrow.  I think it is good to get out now and slowly start building activity back in.  Although slowly.

This time next week I should be able to start doing some slow walks, so I am looking forward to that.

Because I still have all my padding and stuff on, I still haven’t been able to get a good look at my belly.  I can tell it is smaller though.  There is enough of a difference it is a little weird to see myself in the mirror.

The swelling in the ‘noobs’ has gone down a little, and it is still hard to tell what size they are going to be in the end.  I am pretty amazed at how close they look to my natural breasts–minus the nipples of course.

I am still draining a lot of fluid out of the 2 drains  I have left, but I figure better out than in.  All the fluid that comes out could be swelling in my belly without the drains.  They are slowly slowing down though so I hope they will be removed next week.  After that it is really about healing.

I am still sleeping on my recliner to keep myself from rolling around and lying flat.  It is working for now, but I figure in another week I should be ready for my bed.

I am missing dance and trying not to be resentful of those who are still able to train and work.  I will get back there.  January 21st–like a late birthday present for me (my birthday is the 16th).

I will update again soon and praying healing keeps going well!


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