I’m Back…

Sort of…

I am home anyway.

The surgery went well, but I was under for 11 hours total.  I am pretty uncomfortable right now, but I wouldn’t say in a lot of pain.  There is some obviously.

I have 4 drains that are still draining fluid out, but they should be taken out on Thursday. At least two of them.  That should make a huge difference in my comfort level.

I have seen the new ‘girls’ and I have to say I am impressed.  They don’t look much different than my old ones.  They are swollen right now, so very similar in size although eventually they should be smaller.

Haven’t really had a chance to look at my belly since it is still bandaged and I have to wear an abdominal binder.  I can tell I am smaller, and that in itself is quite weird.  I can tell when I walk my centre of gravity is different.  My weight is more over my heels than my toes because I am not carrying as much in front.  I wonder if a non-dancer would notice that.

Recovery will be slow and steady.  The goal right now is to get some of my drains out.  I am walking almost upright, and in short bursts.  Eating well to give my body the best chance to heal.

I will keep you updated.


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