Ready or not….

I think I am as ready as I am going to get.

Had my last lesson and we recorded the ‘open silver’ variations for 4 of my 5 latin routines so we don’t forget them during the break.

Kept myself busy today to try not to think about tomorrow too much.  Did laundry so all my bedding is clean, touched base with my mom (who arrives Tuesday night), heard from my (work) bosses to wish me well.

I have been making sure that I am hydrated and eating lots of protein.  My bag is packed except some personal items I need to add in the morning.

I really just need to take off my fitbit and jewelry, take the two required anti-bacterial showers (one tonight, one tomorrow morning), try to get some sleep and get to the hospital for 6 am.

I have been feeling anxious the last few days, but right now I almost feel a little energetic.  I have been waiting for this surgery every since my first pathology results came back requiring the second one, so almost 1 year.

I am ready for this journey to be over.

I will post as soon as I can to let you know how I am doing.



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