Coming to the finish line

Today was my last practice before my surgery and yesterday was my last social dance.

Practice today was interesting because it was only in latin, and Boss and I were going through my routines, but at the same time he had me experimenting with different ways to open the choreography, like adding spirals and spins in a few places.  It was a different way to work and good fun.

It was an extra practice I didn’t expect to have, but I was glad for the opportunity to get out and be focused on something.  It was also my last chance for a while to go to the weekly competitor’s lunch and socialize with the other local competitors.

The social dance last night was also fun.  For the first time in a long time, I actually felt like I had energy.  It was the same for the practice today too.  It was good to feel because truthfully I have been a little concerned that I am too run down before my surgery.  To have some energy was really encouraging!  I found myself even playing a little tossing in extra spins here and there where I could…just cause 🙂

My lesson on Friday was also great.  We got through the American Viennese Waltz routine quicker than expected and were able to tack on a little bit of extra choreography to the end in the extra time.  By the end of the lesson, we had finished the 4th of 4 open smooth routines.  Now we just have to remember them!

My next lesson is tomorrow and the plan is to start recording my routines–first so we have them to refer back to later, and second so I have them while I am recovering to look at and use for visualization.  It’s part of the motivation for me.

Previously, I did something similar when I was away for work.  I couldn’t dance my routines at all with a partner and didn’t have a lot of space to do full routines.  I had a showcase I was doing a week after I got back.  So I had a recording of each of my routines (there were only 3) which I watched everyday and then visualized myself doing them.  When I got back to lessons and the studio, I not only could remember the routines, but I had also improved some of the styling and technique!

Since then, I have never underestimated the power of visualization.  That is why I plan to make it a regular part of my recovery.

On a different note–I have sold both of my competitive dresses!  This gives me a big chunk towards affording my 3 new ones, even if they can’t be started until February.  It is a bit of a load off to have them sold before my surgery and not have to worry so much about affording the new ones.

2 more lessons until surgery.


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