3 for smooth

I had an extra lesson and a practice with Boss tonight.

During my lesson, we took the time to review the American Waltz, Tango and Foxtrot to make sure we both remember them.  Boss also had me take some notes for him since all he has are my notes which are not very relevant for him.

Tomorrow we are going to dive into the Viennese Waltz routine, which neither of us seem to be able to completely understand from my notes–so that should be interesting.

I am really enjoying working on the smooth routines.  I was thinking today during my lesson that they really are a nice blend between latin and standard.  Like the beauty of standard with the expressiveness of latin all built into one.  I can see why smooth is so popular.  With a little bit of luck, we might be ready to put them on the floor at a local competition in April–depending on how my recovery goes.

The practice went well, but for some reason I have been feeling really ‘tight’ through the upper back and shoulders and that was showing when I was dancing.  In general, I am ‘tense’.

Tenseness aside, I did have some good moments tonight, especially in tango.  I know I must be doing something really right when he has commented on it being good twice in a row.  It seems I have figured out fallaway position really well.  I only have fallaways in tango right now, but slowly I am starting to see where that position is in elements of other steps in other dances (back whisks in waltz immediately come to mind…).  I need to let my mind process that a little to see what comes of it.

Boss told me tonight that there might be an opportunity for me to do some coaching lessons in standard (with the same coach that was here back in June) in January.  It would be near the end of the month and around a local competition I am thinking about going to watch (I won’t be able to even think about dancing until Jan 21–according to my surgeon).  Probably it is going to be far too soon after my surgery, but it is something to sort of look forward to or perhaps like a recovery goal.  Whether I do it or not will completely depend on how my healing goes.

I think the ‘tenseness’ is just stress really.  I have a lot going on as finish the preparations for my surgery and I am still trying not to think too much about the surgery itself.

I got a phone call yesterday and today from the hospital just to gather information and make sure I am ready to be admitted.  Slowly all the pieces are falling into place.  I have to call my family doctor tomorrow to see if my mammogram results are back from Monday.  I just don’t want any surprises.

3 more lessons until surgery–tomorrow, Monday and Wednesday.  I am probably going to go social dancing this weekend as well–to help pass the time and because it will be my last chance until at least January.


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