Pro Latin Couples

I have mentioned before that I absolutely love watching dance.  I even don’t mind sitting at a social dance to watch other couples to see what they are doing.

So I figured today I would share a bit about 3 Pro Latin couples who are exciting me a little bit. Just keep in mind I am just an amateur dancer who likes to watch 🙂

The first couple is Maurizio and Andra.

I love the showmanship of this couple.  Maurizio is an amazing performer and there is something about this couple that just always manages to draw me in.  Since they are Canadian, I hope one day to see them perform live–that is a huge dream of mine and something for my ‘post-cancer’ bucket list.  I am going to post a video here of their recent performance that the Kremlin Cup and all I can say is ‘wow’. Among other things, that song had only been out for a few weeks–so when did they have time to put together such an amazing routine????


The second couple is Troels and Inna.

This couple were champions as amateurs and switched to professionals in time for Blackpool last year.  They have added a new element to the world of pro latin, especially with all the recent retirements, and they are a couple I am watching closely.  Every time I see them perform I like them more and more and I am eager to watch them continue to grow in the pro ranks.  I love how in-sync they are with each other and what amazing speed!  Here is a samba from the world championships:


The third couple is Nino and Anna.

This might surprise some people, but these two have captured my attention and I am liking what I see.  When they first started competing at the International last fall, they didn’t do too well and I will admit they didn’t appeal to me at all.  I saw a lot of amazing spinning and tricks, but not a lot of flow and continuity between them.  He is so fast with his feet, but I found his movement tended to stop completely when his feet weren’t moving. I do give huge kudos to Nino for switching from being a World Amateur Champ under WDSF to competing Pro for WDC as that involves a complete change of style.  They most recently competed in Assen and the difference, especially in his movement between Assen and the International is huge.  They also jumped several placings skipping over couples who had previously placed higher and even stole some marks from Neil and Katya.  It’s this change that captured my attention and makes me very eager to see how they progress in future comps.  I am going to provide 2 videos for this couple–one from the International and one from Assen so you can hopefully see the same difference I see.  I notice it mostly in the breaks and New Yorks.



So those are 3 couples I am keeping an eye on and can’t wait to see perform again.  I hope you like the videos 🙂





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