My lesson tonight was more talk that dance.

Leading up to my surgery I realized that for some reason it seems like everything is ending and I needed to sort out what is going to happen after.  So Boss and I took some time to discuss it.

He definitely doesn’t want me to give up on standard, so I am going to continue to think about it.  I will see how the next 2 competitive practices go.  The last one was better, so certainly it is worth still thinking about.

I am still a little fuzzy on what the plan is for the new year after my recovery, but I have a better idea at least.  Or at least an idea I can start to write down a little to understand it (somehow things aren’t real for me until they are in writing).  Boss has lots of plans and ideas so I guess that is a start.

We talk about competing and unfortunately competing in the US is going to stay out of reach as long as the exchange rate stays so crazy.  Competitions are expensive enough without having to add 25-30% more for the exchange rate.  We are looking at options for Canadian competitions out east later in the year.

Boss is a lot more optimistic about my recovery than I am it seems.  I guess in a way that is a good thing.  From our conversation today, he plans to ramp up my exercises, especially in standard, add more sway and shaping to standard and more spinning to latin.  He also said I am going to start working more on samba technique.  I am hoping that will also include more work on jive technique too.

The initial plan once I get cleared from the plastic surgeon to return to dance will be to focus on exercises and get them working again and to a point where I can work on them on my own.  After that we will start having a look at routines and making small changes here and there to increase the level and challenge of them.  I will have routines for both closed and open silver (if I am understanding right).

I need to give myself time to process everything and organize my thoughts, but it seems promising and there is a lot to look forward to after I recover.

4 lessons and two practices left to go….

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