Tango continued….5 lessons to go

I don’t know why or when it happened, but at some point I started counting down to my surgery in terms of lessons.

You know you’re a dancer when….

I suppose right now that is easier on my mind than counting days.

I had more energy today, so of course I probably overdid it.  I ended up doing some administration to start getting ready to return to work in the New Year (YAY!), and that tired me out before my lesson.  My lesson was only 45 mins, but I could feel the work.

We continued working on tango and we got all the way through it.  Now we just have to clarify the timing, re-write some of the sections that we changed slightly and it should be at a point we can pick it up in the New Year.

I am having fun working on these open routines, but it is definitely a challenge.  At one point in my lesson I had a moment where I wondered to myself if maybe I bit off more than I could chew, but it passed.  It was near the end of my lesson, and I think I was just getting tired.

One of the things I like about these open smooth routines that I don’t get to do in my usual competition routines is to hold poses.  It’s an interesting challenge because depending on what the pose is I have to really engage different muscles to extend the line and hold the pose–especially my core.

That got me thinking about my surgery and I hope that when I get back to dancing it won’t be too long before I will be able to stretch myself into those poses again.  On the other hand, after my surgery, I hope to just look better in general to make the poses look better too.

These are definitely great, fun routines and I look forward to being able to perform them.

The pain is better today, although it’s really sharp in my cancer breast.  I think right now the pain is more from the radiation than the shingles, but it is definitely hard to tell.  It is optimistic that I could definitely feel I had more energy today and I hope I gain a little more every day until my surgery and that the pain gets a little less.  I am trying to give my body a good break in the time I have left until the surgery.


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