Two for Tango

Interesting lesson tonight, although for some reason I was having trouble being dizzy. I probably just did a little too much during the day (had some work administration to do that involved a lot of walking).

We started by running through the Am. Waltz a couple times to see how it is sticking (and it mostly is!) and then we dug right into the tango.

This is definitely the most complicated of our American routines (although we haven’t gotten to VW yet…).  We have one part in the middle that took a lot of trial and error to figure out the timing and footwork and it is fast once you put it with the music.  We have about 3 of 4 lines worked out right now, one more to go to ‘loop’ the whole thing together.

The tango is definitely a challenge and I am enjoying that.  I have a couple moments where I get to just pose into a line including holding a position that is like an open contra-check (meaning I am in the position leaning backwards over my foot and Boss is out away from me).  There is a lot of potential for drama in this routine and I am already starting to have some styling run through my head, which I take as a good point–that the choreography is starting to stick beyond the feet work.  It’s the same in the waltz although less drama (it IS waltz, afterall 🙂 ).  I am looking forward to finishing the tango up next week.

I am feeling better in general.  Although it’s strange to say this is an improvement, but I am down to sleeping only 12 hours a night, but the best thing is that I am able to manage the pain with just regular ibuprofen and tylenol.  I have also found that wearing a bra actually helps with the pain in my breast (which is probably the radiation side-effects) because it gives it support (I guess no pulling on the scar tissue that is forming).  All of that is positive, and I have reached the point where my right breast is almost becoming a nuisance to the point where I want to say ‘just get rid of it already!’ Almost.

I am thinking ahead a little bit to prepare for my surgery.  I have to do some shopping and buy some men’s button up shirts (previously I wore my roommate’s) and some sweatpants or scrub pants.  I need to buy about 3 front closing non-underwire bras in smaller cups than I have now.  I need to try to find a couple button up night shirts, and some ‘bikini’ style panties (that will sit below my belly scar).

Mostly I will put this off until the weekend before my surgery as doing it sooner will just add to the nervousness and anticipation, but it’s good to think on now.  I will do a separate post about all my preps later.

For now, I am excited about the possibility for ‘drama’ in my tango routine, and looking forward to working out the VW and Foxtrot in the next 6 lessons :).

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